On This Day: National Get Over it Day

Photo by from quirkymarketingcalendar

Holding onto something for so long just can’t be healthy for a person’s mentality, that’s why today is the perfect day to let it go and just get over it. Whether you need to get over a bad grade you received, a fight you had with your friend, a break up, or — all three, holding on to it is never good. Just let it go and get over it because life is way too short to waste your time on something that won’t be relevant in the long run. Jeff Goldblatt realized that in 2005 when he was having trouble getting over an ex girlfriend which led him to create, the very needed, National Get Over It Day.

In 2018, the current generation has a tendency to never forget about things and hold a person’s actions against them. It seems that people are forgetting that everyone will make mistakes and no deserves to have something they said or did held over their head for the rest of their life. We, as people, change all the time; someone could say something one day and not mean it the next. Somebody could do something one day and totally regret it the next; therefore, humans need to learn to let go of things and Get. Over. It.

Usually, people don’t want to hold grudges but as humans we have a habit of doing it because we want to believe that the specific person we’re holding this grudge for deserves it but deep down we know they don’t. All holding grudges is doing is causing more stress and anxiety and it is just clouding your thoughts from other and better things you could be focusing on. So, don’t keep thinking about that bad grade you got, focus on the better grade you’ll get next time because of it. Don’t keep thinking about that friend you fought with, focus on the fact that it’ll probably all blow over the next day. Don’t focus on the bad, look for the good and get over it.