Top Ten Moments in Sports 2018

The Red & Black ranks the sports moments that we loved best last year.

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Top Ten Moments in Sports 2018

Photo by Alison Mckeough

Photo by Alison Mckeough

Photo by Alison Mckeough

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  1. Serena Williams passes the torch to Naomi Osaka

Some say she is the greatest athlete ever, but every great athlete loses at one time or another. Naomi Osaka beat her idol Serena Williams in a match that eluded her of winning her 24th Grand Slam title. But instead of being bitter of the lose, she stood up for women around the world who suffer from the double standard in not only tennis, but in sports in general.

  1. LeBron’s move to LA

After another disappointing season in Cleveland losing to the Warriors in the finals again, LeBron knew after four years with the Cavs, it was time for a change. Many speculated all season that he would make a move to the Lakers in the 2018 off-season, but other teams were also on the table. But once he announced that the contract was signed, the shift of power in the NBA was an immediate effect.

  1. Alex Ovechkin finally lifts the Stanley Cup

For Ovi, it was only about securing the Stanley Cup. Not the money, and not the fame, but the legacy is what he was after. Twelve seasons playing the game, racking up goals, all-star appearances, and other awards, but that title had eluded him. But in his 13th year with the Capitals, he finally captured that trophy in one of the most heart-warming and emotional moments of not only the year, but the decade.

  1. James Harden bullies Wesley Johnson

James Harden, arguably the greatest offensive talent we’ve ever seen in the sport of basketball, committed murder on the court against the Clippers, and his victim was the one and only Wesley Johnson. Harden had Johnson on the wing, crossed between his legs, and stepped back to the three-point line, and doing so made Johnson drop to ground. But James didn’t stop there. He proceeded to wait for Johnson to get back up and contest him before shooting it, and then drained the three in his face.

  1. Golden State becomes a dynasty

After winning their third title in four years, the Warriors became etched in NBA history forever. Yes, their team was virtually unstoppable with two of the top three players in the league on one team, but there is no debate that they officially are in the argument for greatest team of all time.

  1. Jon Jones proves the haters wrong

Jon Jones is arguably the greatest fighter in history. He has beaten the greatest of them all and has never lost a fight. But on multiple occasions Jones had tested positive for illegal drugs banned by the UFC, none to be steroids, but still illegal. But his past fight Jones was completely clean of any type of drug, recreation or otherwise and still dominated one of the best fighters in his division, Alexander Gustafsson, to regain his Light-Heavyweight Championship.

4. France takes the World Cup

The French are crazy. And in their 4-2 win, against Croatia in the World Cup Final, they were at their absolute craziest. Not many had France winning this Cup, while most had the likes of Spain, Brazil, or Argentina taking the crown instead, but a 19 year old, Kylian Mbappé, had other plans for his team. At the end of the game, the team celebrated with the entire stadium in Moscow, going into the stands, taking flags, and participating in a thunder clap. It was a game for the ages and one that the entire country would never forget.

3. Derrick Rose’s reemergence

Derrick Rose who at one point looked like he could be the greatest point guard the league has ever seen, being the youngest MVP in history, suffered many injuries in the coming years after the MVP. He was traded by his home-team the Bulls, and from then traveled from team to team, even being cut by the Jazz. Many thought his career was over, including Rose. He was a shell of himself from what he used to be and no one thought he’d ever return to his true form. But in this 2018-2019 NBA season, Derrick Rose bloomed again. Dropping a career high 50 points, against the team who cut him, and his averaging 19 points on the season, things are looking up for Derrick.

  1. The Minneapolis Miracle

Probably the most intense play of any sport of 2018 came in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs. The Vikings were down to the Saints with only a few seconds left and needed a miracle to score. Case Keenum heaved the ball to Stefon Diggs who caught and somehow someway made both defensive backs run into themselves as he took it for 6 with no time left on the clock, and a trip to the NFC Championship game.

  1. Philadelphia gets its first Super Bowl

With starting quarterback, (as well as MVP candidate) Carson Wentz, out — all hope was lost for the Eagles to not only win the Super Bowl, but to even make it there. But Nick Foles who stepped in played MVP level football throughout the playoffs and kept the Eagles magical season alive. Even going as far as out playing Tom Brady on the greatest stage, he captured Philly their first ring as well as took home the game’s MVP award.