Tips for Staying Safe at Concerts


Photo by Jayde Iannone

Staying safe in crowded venues means being aware of your surroundings at all times.

I don’t know about you, but every time I open Instagram, I see at least one person who went to a concert the night before. I noticed that this February is a big month for concerts. With Rex Orange County who performed at Radio City Music Hall on Feb. 7th and 8th, Post Malone at Nassau Coliseum on Feb.19 (which I’m going to), and many more, our social media stories are going to be spammed with loud music and people screaming. I always get nervous when I go to big events because of how common mass shootings or attacks are in public places now. That’s why I decided to spread safety tips to help ease the anxiety of danger at concerts.

  • Let others know where you are

Always let family and friends know where you’re going. If something were to happen or if you are in any sort of trouble, they will know where to go in order to help you.

  • Locate where security is before the concert starts

There are many reasons you should be aware of where security is. If something suspicious happens, immediately report it. If you don’t, I could put you, or others in danger. It’s also important to know where security is because if something where to happen, you could go to them for safety.

  • Don’t go alone

It may seem fun to go to a concert alone but, it could be very dangerous if it’s a big show. You can never go wrong by having someone else to watch your back to keep you safe. Also, it could be more fun having someone else with you.

  • Plan a meet-up spot

Before the show, get together with who you are going with and plan on a meet up spot just in case you’re separated. This could be useful if your phone dies or you have no service. Examples of meet up spots are flagpoles, specific spots in the parking lot, and a store across the street (if there is).

  • Memorize or write down friends and family’s numbers

Just in case your phone dies it’s important to have everyone’s contact information. This could be used for locating friends or calling in case of an emergency.

  • Locate all the exits

Just like locating security, it’s important to locate the exits just in case you need to escape from a dangerous situation.

  • Research the artist beforehand to see if they had any recent threats

It’s important to see if the artist you’re going to see has had any recent threats.

If there is an emergency:

  • Stay away from glass

Glass can easily shatter, especially if there is an armed attacker. Glass cannot only hurt you if it shatters, but it can help the attacker locate where you are if the glass is see-through.

  • If exits are blocked, break a nearby window

If you really must escape and are in extreme danger, break a window. I mean, you got to do what you got to do.

  • If you can’t escape, find a safe room

It’s better than standing out in the open. Quickly get in the room, lock or barricade the door, shut off the lights, and stay completely silent. If the attacker must make an effort to get into the room, they’re most likely just going to ignore it.

Sadly, mass shootings are becoming more and more common each day. Events that attract large crowds are very easy targets for attackers. Be sure to take mind of some of these tips, just in case something does happen when you are out having fun.