Senior Citizen Dance 2019

Check out all the fun the Patchogue Medford “Seniors” had at the Senior Citizen Dance


Photo by Gail Comiskey

PTSA hosts the Senior Citizen Dance 2019

When envisioning the elderly, you mostly think of walkers and lots of medications; however, you would never guess to see them dance the way they did at the Senior Citizen Dance on April 10th. The night was filled with singing, dancing, food, raffles, and fun.

The PMHS PTSA ran this stellar event in the cafeteria with the help of many friendly students serving the seniors food and drinks all throughout the night. The students also helped by selling numerous raffles and 50/50 tickets. They sold enough tickets to where the 50/50 prize was $350.

The seniors filled the entire cafeteria with their vibrant dancing and lively spirits. The DJ was playing all the classics for them to boogie, like the “Cha Cha Slide”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe” and even, “The Electric Slide”.

In the corner of the cafeteria was a photo booth, so they could remember this night forever.The photo booth also had accessories such as feather boas, sunglasses, and hats to make charming poses with.

As the dancing started to die down, that’s when the buffet opened for the guests — and boy, was this a buffet. Imagine any food and it was there, waiting to be put on someone’s plate. After they ate their meals, it was back on the dance floor dancing

Next, they pulled the raffles and gave out coffee and cake for dessert. Many seniors ended up winning prizes from lottery tickets to a gift card to an at home foot spa. When everyone was about finished with dancing, it was finally time to wish good bye to the senior citizens.

All in all, the Senior Citizen Dance was definitely a night that you wouldn’t want to overlook. Many of the seniors had a riot dancing the night away to their favorite songs, and just having a good time.