Will You ‘Bee’ My Date to the Homecoming Dance?

Homecoming dances have been a long-standing tradition in many schools around the country and although PMHS had one back in the day, we want to know why it hasn’t made a comeback.


Photo by M. Scaldaferri

We can all agree that prom on main street was incredible but, a Homecoming dance doesn’t have to be something as grandiose.

With all the cliché movies we watched when we were younger, everyone wanted their high school experience to be just like them. There was a frequent event that was always the focus of these movies- the homecoming dance.

So how are we all supposed to live our childhood high school dreams without a dance?

Since I’m sure most of you have seen all the cute dance proposals with the candy and the flowers and the cringy play on words, I’m sure most of you were disappointed to find out that we didn’t have one going into high school.

Pat-Med had a homecoming dance added into the eventful spirit weeks for years, but they stopped in the 90’s. While our district isn’t the only one that’s done this on Long Island, it’s very uncommon to not have the event in general. So many other districts in other states have this every year, so why can’t we?

Kristin C. (grade 11) said, “I never understood why we didn’t have dance. It seemed like it would be the natural thing to wrap up homecoming, but it just never happened.”

Another junior, Sarah W. also added, “Watching cheesy high school movies growing up, I looked forward to having my own version of that. It was a major let down when I found out Pat-Med doesn’t have one. I feel like it made me miss a major part of my high school experience.”

Not every student wants to help build their class float, or some might not feel welcome enough to truly enjoy themselves at the big football game, but a dance could resolve these problems. While there of course would still be some who didn’t go, everyone generally keeps to their own friend groups at dances like prom and focuses on having fun, so a homecoming dance would be similar.

Also, who said it had to be as big as prom? Just because we want a dance wouldn’t mean we need it on main street or at a golf course, but maybe just on the football field or in the gym so we could all enjoy ourselves with an official end to homecoming.

Our high school principal, Dr. Rusielewicz added, “I am in favor of a Homecoming Dance and have worked with students over the years to try and make it happen but, the overall low interest level never allowed for it to come to fruition. I am more than willing to re-start these conversations for a 22-23 implementation with any and all students who might be interested.”

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