Patchogue Medford High School Hosts its First Dance in Years!

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!


These informational flyers can be found around the school and on Student Square. Be sure to save the date and get your tickets NOW!

Patchogue Medford High School has not hosted a dance in years, but students have been asking for a school dance. Hoping to experience one last dance before they graduate, students such as Lesli Reinoso and Michelle Rocano initiated a plan to hold a post-homecoming dance. 

 To meet students requests, Mr. Smiloff, Mr. Pizzuto, and Mrs. Disponzio, on behalf of Corporate Raiders, DECA, Law Enforcement, and the Fashion Club, have set a date for a glow in the dark, masquerade ball. To tailor this event to fit the student body’s interests, students were surveyed in the cafeteria for several days on which theme they would prefer.

According to Mr. Smiloff, the “winning two themes were Masquerade and Glow in the Dark, so we decided to combine elements from both.” There isn’t a set dress code, but students will be provided with lights and glowsticks, and they are expected to bring, or make, their own masquerade masks to immerse themselves in the themes.

To further customize this dance to students’ interests, there will be additional surveys to determine which activities students are interested in. Plus, there will be snack tables, games, a photo booth, and more based on students’ feedback.  

 The dance will not be held until February 3rd, but if you are interested in attending buy your tickets NOW because they must be purchased in advance. (Keep in mind, only Patchogue Medford High School students are allowed to attend this dance.) 

According to Mrs. Disponzio, “at least 200 students MUST buy tickets to even host the event, otherwise the dance will not take place,” and all this planning and effort goes to waste. However, closer to 300 students are needed to cover expenses.

So, take advantage of this opportunity for an affordable, fun night with your friends and purchase your tickets as soon as possible in the cafeteria during your lunch period, in the library, or in rooms 223, 280, 103, or M2 for $15.00.