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May 6, 2018

Due to recent tragedy, students have been clamoring for the opportunity to have their voice heard on the issue of gun control. On Friday, April 20th; the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, our school held an open mic assembly for all grades to share their beliefs on the issue and what us young adults can do to have our voices heard.

Our host did an amazing job at making our assembly a serious topic that got all students involved rather than the usual “Study Hall” period everyone could have treated it as. All the hosts gave their own speeches on the issue of gun control and how we must be politically active in order to see the change the youth wants in our country.

They showed two videos that captured what we all showed up to discuss, one that covered the tragedy in Parkland with disturbing video from the students inside the school and we closed the discussion watching one on how high school students (the future of America), can get our voices heard to the old heads in charge of the country.

Every student that gave a speech during this event deserved a round of applause for being able to talk to a room of their peers on how the fear of being killed at any moment as tampered with their willingness to go to school.

While a few people went completely off topic from the issue or got their facts wrong, most students addressed how these tragedies have made what was once known as “the golden years” of our lives into a living nightmare of fear. I gained an immense amount of respect for a lot of different students on Friday due to their bravery and willingness to talk about such a sensitive topic with the maturity they showed.

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