We've got your holiday gift guide for every loved one this holiday season! (Photo by Ciara Mooney)
We've got your holiday gift guide for every loved one this holiday season!

Photo by Ciara Mooney

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

December 11, 2019

Gifts that show you care but, DO NOT break the bank

Do you get your parents, siblings, and friends the same thing every year? If only there was a  way to get creative with gifts while still staying within your (limited) budget. 

Here are a few tips to help you pick out the best holiday presents:

  1. Make sure it’s something you can afford!
  2. Keep it interesting.
  3. Something the person will fully enjoy.

To start off, keep the budget at a reasonable price. At our age, spending $100-$200 on gifts isn’t realistic. Setting the price at $30 or $50 is a much more reasonable range. Marshalls, Tj-Maxx and Target have gift sets under $15 and even offer dollar section items! Gifts don’t have to break the bank. 

Next thing to take into consideration is an item that hasn’t been done before. Everyone loves socks, candles, and candy but it’s done every year! New things come out everyday. Little board games or knick knacks could be a cute and unique gift. 

“One year my family bought me a book, How to talk to your Dog. It was corny but so cute!” Benalcy Moreano said about one of her favorite Christmas gifts.

Finally, it has to be something the person will enjoy to the fullest. I wouldn’t give my brothers scrunchies or fuzzy socks because they wouldn’t use them. Instead, look into if they have favorite sports teams or hobbies that can tie into the first two steps of getting the perfect gift.

Some of my favorite gifts I’ve received are my Dog Breed book, fuzzy socks of course, and a personalized fluffy blanket. Maybe a photo album or a fun board game works for your friends, too. You can make this holiday season easy and show the people you love how much you care about them.

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Top Five Gifts to Give

Looking at what to give this holiday, well here is a guide on what to gift. This holiday there are many hot gifts that a lot of people have on their wish list. These gifts would work for almost anyone high school aged. Any of these gifts would be appreciated by anyone who received them.There are gifts from every price range on this list. 

#1 AirPod Pros 

At $249 this might be the most pricey option on this list, and the most popular on the list. These are the new version of apple air pods, the have a noise cancellation feature. Also they have a transparency mode, where you can hear your surroundings but also what you are listening to. They also offer the chance to change the size of the cushions in  order for a better fit. 

#2 Visa Gift Card  

Don’t know what to, then a gift card is a perfect idea. Also if you don’t know what store to get a gift card then a Visa gift card, is a great idea. Any amount can be put on the card from 25 to 500 so you can choose the amount.  

#3 Govee led stripl lights  

These lights can be put along the ceiling of a bedroom, to add a nice touch. This lights are color changing and come with six preset colors, the brightness can be changed. The mood can be changed and even set modes for the holidays.  

#4 Hydro Flask  

Not just for VSCO girls, this water bottle comes in all sizes and colors. This water bottle keeps water cold for extended periods of time. This water bottle is well worth the price and it’s not only practical you are saving the turtles to.  

#5 Champion sweatshirt  

Want a good hoodie but also want to look trendy, then this is the perfect hoodie to buy. This hoodie is both warm and comfy but is also stylish to wear. This sweatshirt comes in a bunch of colors, so there is a color for everyone to wear. 

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