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March 13, 2020

We sat down to interview Manny Felouzis, a former teacher and community organizer.

Manny Felouzis had the opportunity to help special ed kids in the tenth grade when his JV coach gave him the chance to play football with blind children.

Mr. Felouzis is now the President of the Patchogue Medford Hall of Fame, and even was awarded the BOCES Teacher of the Year. At BOCES he was a special education teacher and Patchogue-Medford superintendent award winner. His advice to the kids from Bay Elementary school is to participate in our community as much as possible by helping our families with house work and cleaning our community.

He encourages us to go to village board meetings to learn about the changes made to our community. My favorite thing that he said was, “It’s just like karma. If you do something positive, something positive will come back to you in return”.

*Editor’s Note: This article is the collective work of the junior journalists from Bay Elementary school with the assistance of their high school mentor.

Photo by Mrs. Mckeough
Manny Felouzis, bottom left, speaks to the students from Bay Elementary school about his experience teaching and as a community organizer with the Patchogue Hall of Fame.
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