How do elected officials help our community?

March 12, 2020

Today, we met Rob Calarco who is Suffolk County Legislator. He is a government official in our community who has been helping people for twenty years. His hobby is gardening which he started doing with his father. His favorite vegetable to grow are tomatoes during the summer. 

 Rob Calarco is working on many different projects in our community. He told us about the Canaan Lake clean-up project. There were bad plants and invasive species growing in it the lake, so they decided to clean it out. The cleaning is going be done by the summer and after that, they plan to turn it into a mini stream. People will be able to canoe, fish, pinic, and kayak once the project is completed.

Also, at Junior Journalism, he told us about how one of his projects helped restore the one-hundred-year-old Carnegie Library in Patchogue. If he had not found a new spot for the library, it would have been knocked down. Since, it is for teens, when we are older we can go there to read, study, and take notes. We think it was a cool idea because he saved a building from being knocked down.

*Editor’s Note: This article is the collective work of the junior journalists from Eagle Elementary school with the assistance of their high school mentor.

Photo by Phoebe Lawson
Suffolk County Legislator, Rob Calarco talks to junior journalists from Eagle Elementary about the Canaan Lake and Carnegie Library projects that helped restore important landmarks in our community.
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