Libraries are the Heart of a Community

March 12, 2020

Students from Medford elementary had the privilege of meeting local librarian Michelle Cayea during the second annual Junior Journalism Day. We learned that librarians are in fact allowed to check books out from their own libraries, an important piece of information for fifth grader Logan Persichilli who mentioned that she hadn’t known that before.

“I hope I get to read books for my job when I get older,” said Lauren Loch, another fifth grader.

“I thought it was very interesting that she knew she wanted to be a librarian when she was twenty-two! Usually when I go to the library, I see older people as librarians. I thought that she would be old when I heard she was a librarian. When I heard she was twenty-two I thought, ‘wow, that’s really interesting,” said Emma Saul.

Overall, the young visitors were wowed by Cayea’s experience as a librarian. They asked her all of their questions, and were very interested in her responses, “I was interested to hear that she liked farm animals! I had fun talking to her; very fun,” said Maddie Fernandez. The whole day was a great experience for everyone involved.

*Editor’s Note: This article is the collective work of the junior journalists from Medford Elementary school with the assistance of their high school mentor.

Photo by Phoebe Lawson
Patchogue Public Librarian, Michele Cayea joined the students from Medford elementary and shared her experience working for the community through social and educational programs supported by our public library.
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