Are you trying to save the Earth with eco-friendly produce?

March 13, 2020

There are several techniques that can be used to improve the environment and limit the damage done to the Earth. One of these techniques is hydroponic agriculture which is used by Cory Mahony, owner of Urban Fields Agriculture in Patchogue.

After we interviewed a local expert of the technique, we learned so much about what hydroponic agriculture is and how it is used to improve our community. This style of agriculture, explained by Mahony, is when plants are grown in water, grafts, and artificial rocks made of fiberglass. This style of farming is very effective in certain cases but, not for plants that are used to desert climates.

As a kid, Cory loved the woods and camping, as well as greenery. He learned about this type of agriculture from an article that he read but, never thought he would become a hydroponic gardener.

Growing up he thought he would work within the stock market on Wall Street. Ever since starting his business, he grew between 6,000 and 8,000 plants and currently has 2,000 plants growing at different stages. His favorite plant to grow is basil because it smells nice and makes a good pesto which is important for many of the local restaurants he sells produce to like Perabell on Main Street in Patchogue.

*Editor’s Note: This article is the collective work of the junior journalists from Barton Elementary school with the assistance of their high school mentor.

Photo by Phoebe Lawson
Our Barton junior journalist, Matthew T., interviews local business owner, Cory Mahony for Raider TV.
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