Photo by Courtesy of Island Photo

Class of 2020 official portrait marks an important milestone of senior year.

Senior Last Will & Testament

A Red & Black tradition that goes back to our print days is back!

Ariana Augi
Emily Pringle
Alexander Beardsley
Shannon Lake
Matteo Salvitti
Bryan J. Minor
Jordan Jacobs
Elizabeth Niemiec
Tiffany Luna
Curtis Tems
Maura Martin
Jillian Shelbourne
Isabella Scuteri
Naliyah Washington
Julia Comiskey
Sarah Varghese
Rosabla Garcia Gonzalez
Mr. Daugherty
Dr. Gatz
Mrs. McGrath
Ms. Thoden
Ms. Carota
Samantha Feldman
Abigail Yoches
Kyle Koch
Kilmar Chicas
Jessica Panzarino
Maha Nayyer

Kevin Rodriguez

I, Kevin Rodríguez, being of sound mind, do leave in my absence the following items and cherished memories... To all my teachers, friends, and family for all their help and support. For allowing me to create many fond memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my first and final year at PMHS. Thank you all!! I love you guys!!

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