Halloween: Trick or Treating Dilemma


Photo by Michele Sullivan

How old is too old for trick-or-treating?

Since entering high school almost a two months ago, I have realized an upcoming trend. As Halloween is just around the corner, more and more kids have stopped going trick or treating. This entire month I have been asking every person in my sight what they are being for Halloween, but most people say, “I am not trick or treating this year.” As the years go on, more kids are putting their old trick or treating pumpkin bags in the attic to never been seen again. I wanted to look into why fewer and fewer students from high school stopped trick or treating.  I asked my sister, a junior, when and why she stopped trick or treating. She said, “This year I stopped trick or treating because I rather hangout with my friends and watch scary movies than being cold outside.”

Some people argue that high schoolers are too old to being walking around begging for candy anyway. It’s because it’s known that a high schooler’s version of a “good night” could potentially terrify the young kids. I asked my mom about her opinion on it. Her response, “Why not? I think they should if they do it in an orderly fashion and not too late at night. They just can’t be obnoxious or too wild I believe the max age of trick or treating show be about 15 or 16.”

After reviewing the points discussed, here’s my verdict: I think high schoolers could do whatever they want, respectively. If they want to go stay in with their friends, that’s perfectly fine. If they want to go trick or treating, go for it! However, if they are running around, scaring five year olds; stealing candy from them, that’s when it crosses the line. So the bottom line is, you can do whatever you want for this Halloween but in  a rational way.