Perks of a Minimalist

What is all the hype over this new way of life?

No matter what social media platform, you are bound to find an account solely based around the minimalist lifestyle. For all of you reading this that haven’t seen these accounts or know what the minimalism movement, according to The Minimalists,          “Today’s problem seems to be the meaning we assign to our stuff: we tend to give too much meaning to our things. Minimalism simply allows you to make decisions more consciously, more deliberately.” Minimalist social media accounts usually use it as a blog and talk about their everyday life, and often list the benefits.

To learn even more on this subject, I got in touch with one of these accounts on instagram, @minimalisticfreedom and asked them about the benefits of this lifestyle change, they said “There are so many! But I will narrow it down to my personal favorites.”

By decreasing consumerism, we decrease waste and energy usage.”

  1. Freedom: with less stuff to weigh you down, you can move anywhere easily. You save money on things to spend that on experiences & trips. When it all comes down to it, buying clothes and decor don’t give you the experience and thrill like a vacation or road trip does.
  2. You save money: no pointless spending. How many people have the same pieces of clothing that you have worn a total of two times at most? I’m assuming a lot of you. The point is, the less you spend on junk, the more money you have for more important things.
  3. Less mess: since everything you have has a purpose it has a place and there’s no pointless stuff just there taking up space. This benefit is simple. The less stuff you have, less of it everywhere.
  4. Increases awareness: being a minimalist involves being extremely mindful about the things you bring into your life. You want to be sure you’re getting the best quality & ethically sourced,” The less stuff you have makes your belongings more valuable than before. Minimalism is really about living on high quality essentials and eliminating pointless spending; which could have a dramatic change with your wallet.

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Along with personal benefits, there many benefits for the for the environment. Minimalistic Freedom says,”   By decreasing consumerism, we decrease waste and energy usage” In my opinion, converting to this lifestyle helps the environment, and in the process helping yourself. So you are really killing two birds with one stone.