My First Car


Photo by Sarah Bacon

Whatever your first car is, be sure to accessorize it with Raider pride.

For most people, their first car is their first time being given true responsibility like payments and taking care of the vehicle. They aren’t supposed to be nice but it would be great if the cars could run correctly, unlike mine. The first time I ever drove, it stopped in the middle of South Ocean Avenue. Now it doesn’t stop at all. I’m talking about at stop signs because the brakes barely work. The sun roof, which doesn’t work, also leaks. The students below have experiences they would love to share to help anyone having first car troubles just like us.

Molly McCabe, Class of 2019
“My first car is a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe and her name is Peggy. She’s been in the shop probably like twelve times since I’ve had her and when it snows she sometimes decides that she’s tired and doesn’t want to brake. It’s entertaining until I’m almost skidding into children in the parking lot! My most fond memories are probably putting down the sun roof and singing with my friends on car rides to the mall or rehearsals.”

Katie Wright, Class of 2019
“My first car is falling apart with every mile that I drive. When it rains outside, it rains in my car as well. There’s always a puddle of water on the passenger side floor. The brakes also decide not to work from time to time and it costs me so much money to constantly have it in the shop. At least I can take the top off in the summer though!”

Cecilia Amone, Class of 2018
“My first car is my baby. A dark green Jeep Liberty, 2003. Even though the AC doesn’t work and my windows squeak almost as loud as my brakes, I love Landon. My first time driving my car I was going to work and I vividly remember only making sure the speakers were able to go loud. I grew extremely fond of driving just because of my car.”

Marissa DiMuro, Class of 2019

“My first car is a Jeep Liberty. I love the freedom of driving but it takes a lot of money to keep this car going. It broke down as soon as I bought it. Spent about two weeks in the shop and cost me a couple hundred dollars. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. I love driving around with my friends, especially in the summer when it’s warm out and we have the windows down playing music.”

Jaelyn Griffiths, Class of 2019

“My first car is named Larry. He is a black 2011 Jeep Liberty. The first couple of months with Larry were rough but we got through it. A couple incidents where he would decide to just smoke and sometimes I would even get caught in the middle of intersections because he wouldn’t move! Other than that, Larry has been pretty good to me.”