The Retro Fashion Comeback we’ve been waiting for

“Hey, can I borrow your scrunchie?”


Photo by Phoebe Lawson

Whether you don it on your wrist or around your top knot, scrunchie is a must-have accessory. Wait, is this 1989 or 2019?

The 80s. What a time to be alive. Even though I personally wasn’t brought up in the 80s because, tragically, I was born 20 years later, the ultimate hair accessory, scrunchies, are now an iconic trend in the late 2010s that I am happy I get to witness.

Scruchies were first established in the 60s but was not patented until 1987 by Ronny Revson. These unique hair accessories were one of the biggest fashion statements to occur in the 80s but by the early 2000s, they suffered a devastating downfall. By then they were considered the worst thing you could wear but somehow, they made the biggest comeback in the late 2010s.

Although scrunchies might be now associated with what Gen Z kids call “vsco girls,” many people are catching onto the trend, including myself. Not only are they better for your hair than regular hair ties, they really are just fashionable and fun to wear on your wrist. Getting to match your scrunchie to your outfit in the morning is as satisfying as the sound when you open up a Snapple for the first time. 

These fabric-wrapped hair ties have made a huge fashion impact, not only twenty years ago but clearly today. From being able to buy a two-dollar pack of scrunchies on Amazon to buying a Balenciaga, $200, 100% lambskin “chouchou bracelet” – come on, Balenciaga, who are you kidding? 

Scrunchies: the comeback of the century. Who would’ve thought this 80s trend that died out quickly would be the ultimate fashion accessory today?