Dorito Drama

the debate for the best flavor


Photo by Phoebe Lawson

Senior, Tony indulges in his favorite flavor of Dorito, Nacho Cheese.

Who doesn’t eat chips after a long day of school?

Out of all the popular chip brands Doritos are a classic. Statistica reports that “7.12 million Americans consumed 8 or more bags in 2019.”

As the chip brand Doritos grew in popularity, the flavors continued to get spicer and spicer. “Doritos were branded and started being sold in 1966”, according to Business Insider.

PMHS Red & Black staff recently put the flavors to the taste test. Six flavor were ranked from best to worst: the two originals Nacho and Cool Ranch tied in first; Spicy Sweet Chilli came in second; Poppin’ Jalapeno was third; Spicy Nacho and Blaze both came in last.

Here’s what the staff had to say.

Nacho: “Original is the way to go”- Nicolette

Cool Ranch: “Tasted like ranch but did what it was supposed to do”- Nicole

Spicy Sweet Chilli: “It’s an explosion of flavor”- Olivia

Poppin’ Jalapeno: “I’m going to go home and buy these”- Abby

Spicy Nacho: “It’s so bomb because it takes the original and makes it better”- Phoebe

Blaze: “It tastes just like green olives but sort of spicy. I hate that” – Nicole

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