Are Snakes as Scary as People Think?


Photo by Jayde Iannone

A harmless baby ball python minding his business.

You walk into a pet store and see a snake, what is your initial reaction? Many people would be scared and quickly walk away from the reptile section.

Why is this? Media has made snakes seem scary and harmful when in reality, most of them aren’t.

This might sound crazy, but I have sixteen Ball Pythons.

The word python may sound scary, but there’s not one python that is venomous. Pythons are constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey to death. Humans are not prey, so they only intend to hurt you if you hurt them or scare them. This is rare.

Ball pythons tend to be very sweet and friendly because they are handled often.

Not a lot of people are educated on snakes. If people learned more about pythons, they might what to buy one for their home. The pros of owning a Ball Pythons are: they are cheaper than most pets, easier to take care of, and they make no sound.

Ball pythons only eat every 10-14 days and you don’t have to buy a whole set up for them. You can simply get a tote, drill holes in it, and fill it with bedding.

The cons of owning ball pythons is that the tank or tote should be at least 88 degrees but, this can be simply fixed with a reptile heating pad.

So, are snakes as scary as people think? In my opinion, no.

People should not be so focused on how the media interprets reptiles. It places a negative image on snakes when really, they are very kind and don’t want to harm anyone.

Ask yourself, should I be more open to reptiles?