Constantine HOPM

“Umm… well I am currently 15 years old. I would say for a third of my life I lived back in Greece with my family. I am very interested in politics, from a very young age actually. I was one of the few kids in my school that loved history and loved politics. The problem is I never found anyone to talk to about that, so I was relatively alone in that spectrum. But luckily when I got into high school I found Model UN and other other kids that you know had the same ambition as I did and I was very happy I made that choice. I am from a neighborhood just south of Athens along the the coast called Glyfada. If the economic situation was better I would consider going back to Greece um… it is kinda like a second home, you know. If things go wrong here I have a place to go back to. But if I do end up going back I will probably volunteer for a political party there, get involved with the politics they have there. The biggest difference between the US and Greece is the culture, here in America it is more diverse, in Greece it is relatively homogenous. Everyone has the same culture, the same stuff, the same beliefs. There is not really any disagreements in terms of culture; everyone eats the same food. It gets boring after a while, when you come here and compare all that. That’s the main difference more diversity in America. The biggest similarity between the two countries I’d probably say is national pride. When I first came here Americans seemed to have immense national pride, that’s common patriotism here.”