A Future for the Class of 2021

In times of uncertainty


Photo by Carrie Pickford (co-advisor; Class of 2021)

The senior class is pictured here in front of their Peter Pan Homecoming float from a past parade. Will Homecoming look the same this year?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our spring, summer, and doesn’t seem to be going away just yet. 

As the 2020-21 school year approaches, students are finding it difficult to navigate how their educational experience will unfold.  Between the usage of face masks, social distancing, and lack of half of the student body, a “normal” school day will not exist this year. 

And, it is not only the school day that will be impacted. The way in which extra-curricular activities will be conducted furthers students’ fears about the year.  The worry about this year being  positive and memorable is especially prominent for seniors.  After watching the disappointing end of the Class of 2020’s senior year, this year’s seniors are hoping that despite modifications and cancellations, the final year of high school will be one to celebrate. 

My Co-President of the Class of 2021, Madelynn Schumann, is anticipating a very different year from a student and class officer’s perspective.  She says, “I expect it to be a lot different than the past three years have gone. Heading into this year I feel that I don’t know what is coming and what is to be.” 

The sense of uncertainty surrounding this year is a common thread for the Class of 2021.  Schumann does explain though, “To have a more memorable senior year we can try to modify the activities that we all love to have, so we can still participate in them while being safe and still having fun.  Senior year may be different this year but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a great last year experience, we just have to work with our unique situation.” 

This attitude can help inspire the senior class over all to gain faith in the officers/advisors of the Class of 2021, and the strength and spirit we possess.  Collectively, our efforts have the potential to make the difference, changing this year from uneventful and lackluster, to a noteworthy and exciting one.  However, it is clear that some activities cannot be saved due to the changes Coronavirus has created.  When discussing what fears he has, senior Alex Albrecht mentions, “It’s affected the music department specifically.  As of right now there’s not much to look forward to because most of our events are cancelled.” 

An unfortunate truth, participating in music activities poses a safety risk, so many students feel disheartened without a chance of improvement.  The goal is for the pandemic to die down and for our school life to go back to normal, academically and socially.  However, seniors truly have to savor this year to the fullest extent, regardless. 

Senior and lacrosse player, Isabelle Palladino, unfortunately lost her spring season with her team last year.  However, this year she wishes, “As a student-athlete who’s college career and, even professional future will be impacted by the game of lacrosse, I truly hope that I will have the chance to play one last time.” 

The hope for this to become a reality is key in keeping spirits up, but Isabelle is practicing an approach that may help many seniors who are facing situations like her and Alex.  She explains, “Me and a few of my fellow seniors have sworn to do our best to make this year memorable in our own ways. Just being able to conjure up a few ideas on how to make this year better has already helped me and my friends settle our worries. It’s definitely a better alternative to feeling hopeless!” 

Isabelle has creatively decided to not fixate on the physical setup in school, or the lack of in-person clubs as she embarks on this final year, but on how she can make it a positive year with her peers.  For instance, seniors can socially distance themselves at a beach, or go shopping for new school clothes together.  Building memories such as these can create a positive energy surrounding senior year. 

Additionally, the unpredictability and lack of control in this pandemic should inspire the grade and the school to get involved and motivated as much as they can.  The 2020-21 year is going to be unique for all grades.  As freshmen enter the high school for the first time in these vastly different circumstances, they should keep a few things in mind.  As senior class Co-President,  I can definitely say that the officers and advisors work to create many opportunities for experiences and memories outside of the academic world. 

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting involved this year will set you up on a path towards savoring the high school experience.  It can be said that appreciating high school in its entirety has become crucial for the Class of 2021, as this final year is not the same as those that came before. 

Seniors can maintain some hope, though, as class advisors Mrs. Kristina Davidson and Mrs. Carrie Pickford have announced, “[We] have been working tirelessly to ensure that this year will be phenomenal. We have a ton of great plans up our sleeves, and we are hoping that each and every student walks away in June with countless memories that they can look back on. As crazy as this year may seem, just remember — we are not done until 2021!” 

This message from the advisors truly sums up the mentality and energy for this year’s seniors.  Whether most of the year is spent virtually or from 6 feet away, with a sense of togetherness and passion, this will be an unforgettable year.