Best Shows to Stream Between Hybrid Learning

The best four shows to binge in between classes: The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, How I Met Your Mother, and Cobra Kai.

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The best four shows to binge in between classes: The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, How I Met Your Mother, and Cobra Kai.

Hybrid life is crazy and confusing and sometimes we all just need to take a break and let our brains relax to some mind numbing TV. Over lockdown, I became quite the streamer and watched close sixteen years worth of TV shows- both new and old- in about four months. No one likes starting a show with a mere one season and five episodes, so I’ve compiled a list of shows that have multiple seasons with multiple episodes so you never have to find something new this year to watch. 


  1. How I Met Your Mother:

HIMYM was on air from 2005 to 2014 lasting nine seasons with 208 episodes for a total series hour time of eighty hours. The show follows Ted Mosby as he is telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother. Ted and his four friends – Marshall, Lily, Robin, live in New York City and Ted’s nine year story follows their adventures and how every moment led up to the moment he met their mother.

They tackle relationships, jobs, fights, a giant New York City cacamouse, and more. This comedy is perfect for teenagers as it has adult humor that went over our heads as kids. I remember as a kid sitting with my parents as they cracked up while I did not understand a single thing, but when I decided to go back and revisit the show, I was not disappointed. There is not a single episode that I found myself with a straight face, and with each episode lasting an average of twenty two minutes, you can watch multiple and not feel like you’re throwing your day away.

The show was nominated for thirty Emmy Awards and won 10, with the actors getting nominated for multiple individual awards across all award show platforms. How I Met Your Mother can be streamed on Hulu. 


          2. Lucifer:

Lucifer started in 2016, and just released Part 1 of their fifth season. When Lucifer (the fallen angel) decides to take a little vacation from his duties in hell, he finds himself in LA as the owner of a nightclub. Later, he befriends Chloe Decker, a former actress from his favorite movie, High School Hot tub. His is disappointed when he finds out she is now a homicide detective for The Los Angeles Police Department.

Using his undeniable charm and persuasive english accent, Lucifer becomes a citizen consultant for the LAPD and works alongside the detective solving crime. Throughout the series, Lucifer has to deal with the consequences of leaving hell, as well as trying to avoid the wrath of his brother, Amenadiel and his father, God. Though the show has some serious subject matter, it is one of the only funny crime shows.

The writing is phenomenal and I was always laughing. Chalk full of plot twists and dramatic irony, you will not hesitate to immediately press “net episode” when it’s over. Shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order can be a little too dark to binge watch, especially if you are home alone and paranoid like me, making Lucifer the perfect addition to your watchlist. Lucifer can be streamed on Netflix. 


          3. The Umbrella Academy: 

Though it only has two seasons and about twenty episodes, I had to add it to the list. This show is a masterpiece. When I saw the trailer for the first season, I was immediately hooked. I love anything that has to deal with superheroes so this was right up my alley. There are multiple storylines going on which each character that though chaotic, are beautifully mended into one cohesive plot.

The Umbrella Academy starts with thirty women who give birth even though they were not pregnant. A man named Reginal Hargreeves seeks out to buy as many of these babies as he can to create his academy, The Umbrella Academy. He gets seven. As time goes on, it is discovered that these children have superpowers and they begin to train to fight evil. While six of them have individual powers such as super strength, persuasion, time travel, communication with the deceased, turning into a giant monster, and knife throwing, one sibling does not exhibit any powers. When the stress of a dead sibling, a missing sibling, and the pressure to always succeed becomes too hard on The Umbrella Academy, the remaining five members decide to go their own ways. It isn’t until the death of their “father”, Reginald, that they decide to come back together for his funeral. While they are home, their missing brother reappears to warn them of the apocalypse.

They group decides to work together one last time to stop the end of the world. Now even though that was a lot, that was only one plot line from the show. Each character has their own separate story which comes with their own set of characters that through the magic of writing, comes together at the end of season one. This show is a wild ride and season two is even more extreme in terms of plot twists than season one.

This show would be perfect for anyone regardless of age or gender. My grandma watches the show and my ten year old cousin watches the show so there really is no one viewer. This show can be streamed on Netflix.


           4. Cobra Kai 

For any cultured person, the title Karate Kid should instantly ring a bell. The incredible story of hard work and perseverance is a cult classic. A spin off from the movie that came out thirty four years ago, Cobra Kai stars William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprising their roles as Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso.

Cobra Kai follows the life of Johnny who is working as a maintenance person and living alone. After having a kid with his high school sweetheart Ali, he leaves them on the day his son is born. When he is fired from his job, he finds himself eating dinner outside a mini-mart when his new teenage neighbor Miguel is being beat-up by a group of bullies. Johnny reluctantly defends him and fights off the bullies using his background in karate. Miguel asks Johnny to train him so he can learn to defend himself. J

ohnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo where he trained as a teenager. Opposed to be the original group of kids who trained at the dojo, the popular kids, now the Cobra Kai Dojo is home to a group of misfits and outcasts looking to learn karate. For the Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso is now the owner of a successful car dealership and now has the life he envisioned he would as a child. Johnny’s estranged child, Bobby, gets a job at LaRusso’s dealership as a way to seek revenge on his Dad. Bobby begins to train with Daniel even though Daniel doesn’t know who his dad is.

While training, MIguel and Johnny develop a bond similar to the infamous partnership of Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. When Miguel starts to date Daniel LaRusso’s daughter, the former feud is rekindled. This show is a comedic drama with sarcastic humor and numerous one-liners. Though there is a lot to follow plot wise, this is a great show for anyone who was a fan of the original movie. Both seasons can be streamed on Netflix.