Don’t Know What to Watch Next? Here’s Your Guide.



Photo by Crystal Zaharatos

Crystal’s set up to start a new show!

Need something to watch? These shows should cure anyone’s boredom! Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, or just relax, these show suggestions are great for binge-watching or casual viewing.


1. New Girl- an easy binge, new girl us an underrated comedy guaranteed to boost your spirits.

2. iCarly- Who doesn’t love nostalgia? Instantly get transported back to 2007 by watching the first 3 seasons of this Nickelodeon classic, now on Netflix!!

3. Criminal minds- a team of profilers work together to discover the motivations behind criminal’s actions. They work as a team to solve many cases on the FBI. This show is definitely worth a binge.

4. All American- love inspirational football movies? All American is 2 seasons full of football, drama and romance, based on a true story!

5. Good Girls- a group of mothers gets themselves into some trouble and work together to find a way out. This show is definitely high on the list and is guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

6. Crime Scene the Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel- Are you into murder documentaries? This 4-episode series is a captivating story of how Elisa Lam went missing on her stay at the Cecil Hotel. Find out the truth through this series with interviews of the people involved.


1. Wandavision- If you are a marvel fan, this is a must see. Watch as we witness Wanda live her life with vision through each decade starting in the 1950’s.

2. The Proud Family- an early 2000’s cartoon based on a 14-year-old girls middle school experience, with the help of her fun- loving family…

3. Kickin’ it- a group of teens learn how all about life, karate, and friendship on this Disney XD comedy.

4. Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Wish you could experience a little Disney magic during this pandemic? This all-access pass lets you explore Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme park from the comfort and safety of your own home.

5. Women of Impact: Changing the World- Since this month is Women’s History Month, what better way to celebrate than to watch a documentary on how some women are changing our world.

6. Agent Carter- This is a great watch for Marvel fans. Watch as she is working for the SSR, but she would rather be in the field and more hands on.


1. How I Met Your Mother- This show is a great binge worthy show. The episodes are only 20 minutes long and is sure to give you some good laughs. A group of friends try to navigate their way through the long and hard journey of life.

2. Parenthood- Do you enjoy family shows? This is one of the best. A big family sticks together through hard times. It has many heartwarming moments and is sure to make you emotional.

3. A Million Little Things- Looking for a show to cry to? This is it. A group of friends finds out devastating news about one of their friends and must hold each other up during tough times. This show shows the true meaning of friendship and what it really means to be a family.

4. Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist- This comedy is sure to give you a laugh as Zoey goes through life as if it were a musical.

5. Love Island- Are you a fan of reality TV? This show focuses on a group of people who travel to an island in hopes to find the love of their lives.

6. Worst Cooks in America- Watch people who have never even picked up a pot try and learn to cook. This show is a good laugh and easy to have in the background while you are getting schoolwork done