Where Are Raiders Working?

So many students decide to get part time jobs in high school so, let’s see where some of our very own can be spotted around town!

Students at Patchogue Medford High School are both hardworking in and outside school. Many students strive for excellence and want to go above and beyond, so on top of their education and extracurricular activities, they get a part-time job. Most of our students work with their fellow classmates at locations such as Kilwins Patchogue, Del Fuego, Duchess Cookies, and TJ Maxx. 

Kilwins Patchogue 

Kilwins is a well-known ice cream and chocolate shop ranging with products from ice cream to store made fudge! “I really enjoy working at Kilwins, everyone has become like family and I’ve

made so many new friends on the job. The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly, you can’t have a bad time working there. People say that they hate their jobs all the time; but when you work with friends and have fun, it makes the experience so much better!” says senior, Victoria La Spisa. Currently hiring, Kilwins is located on Main Street across from the Patchogue Theater!

Del Fuego

Voted “Best TexMex” in 2014, Del Fuego is a Tex-Mex Tequilla Bar on Main Street in Patchogue. Alyssa Pagano, senior, says “I really enjoy working at Del Fuego! I’ve been working there for three months and I’m really lovinmy job. The atmosphere is so chill and vibrant in the restaurant an all my coworkers are very nice and easy to communicate with. This job keeps me active and makes me very productive so I would totally recommend working here. My favorite part is the music; it is very upbeat and keeps me motivated throughout the shift”. The diversity of different foods and drinks on the menu ensures you’ll find something for everyone.

Duchess Cookies 

A new cookie shop located on Main Street in Patchogue brings new sweets to the area. Pat-Med senior Sophia Babinsky says, “I love Duchess! My favorite part of working there is being able to talk and meet so many different people and I would recommend it to new workers! It’s a great way to become a part of the Patchogue main street community.” Duchess Cookies provides a variety of cookies ranging from your classic chocolate chip to an apple pie cookie; you’re sure to find one you like!

TJ Maxx 

Well known store, TJ Maxx, is located in Medford. “Like every job it can be stressful but I do like working there. My favorite part is my chance to talk and meet new people. I’m a very social person so it’s always nice to speak to customers in various age ranges, backgrounds, and stories. Here you make new friends through your coworkers which is amazing”, Bryant Naranjo Pat-Med senior says. This large convenience store carries everything you may ever need for a lower price!