Raider Bowl 2021 – A Night to Remember

For the first time from Raider Stadium, Raider Bowl 2021 was one for the school’s history books.

In past years we have always held Raider Bowl in the gym with all the students filling the bleachers complete with decorated class shirts, homemade signs, and noisemakers.

However, due to COVID that would be unsafe for both the students and the staff’s health so, this year we held Raider Bowl outside at Raider Stadium.

There were many benefits about holding Raider Bowl outside. For one, there was more space so it was not as hot as it has been in past years.

Many students loved having Raider Bowl outside. Isabelle Baginski, a senior, said, “Cheering from the bleachers, under the shining lights, with our friends created a fun and energetic atmosphere. Raider Bowl has always been something I looked forward to but this year was extra special considering it was our last.”

Jeraly Tejada, a sophomore, stated, “I’m glad that after a long time of being trapped in a tough state with all that has been going on, we were able to do something on school grounds with friends and feel the sensation of happiness again while being able to laugh and hold some competition with everyone.”

I think we can all agree that the past year and a half has not been the best, but this Raider Bowl, you could hear the spirit come alive as each class cheered on their classmates.

Now onto the events. The competition was fierce. Every class was determined to win.

Then came the first event of the night, volleyball! After a battle between classes the juniors won volleyball tournament. As the night went on each class was able to compete through many different games that ranged anywhere from tennis, dizzy races, obstacle courses, races and many more. At the end of the night, it came down to a Tug of War where each class went head-to-head to see which class would come out on top.

First up, it was the seniors against the freshman. After a few tugs, the seniors won. Next up, it was the juniors against the sophomores. They both fought hard, but the juniors won. Lastly it was the seniors versus the juniors. You could hear the crowd getting louder and louder as each class was rooting for their classmates to win it all. As the war started, the rope barely moved, you could tell that each class was nervous since we didn’t know which way it would go. The rope started going to the juniors side and the senior class started to sweat. The seniors pulled with everything they had in them and got the rope back. As the rope moved towards the seniors side, the seniors were cheering so loudly and they won it!!!

After the crowds grew quiet for a few minutes awaiting the results, it was announced that the freshmen class tied with the junior class for third place. But did the sophomores prevail over the seniors class this year? The results were in, the seniors won!! The senior section on the bleachers roared with cheers of Pat-Med pride!

This Raider Bowl was definitely one to remember.