Netflix’s K-Drama ‘Squid Game’ Keeps Viewers Thinking

Have you watch Squid Game yet?


Photo by Screen shot by Gail Comiskey

Screenshot from the series, Squid Game depicts players in masks during the competition.

If you were given the chance the completely change your life, would you do it?

In Netiflix’s #1 k-drama, The Squid Game, you follow desperate gambler Gi-Hun, who is stuck living off of his Mother while his ex-wife has full custody of his daughter because of his financial issues. With that, Gi-Hun was involved with a group of violent lone sharks, leaving him exactly one month to pay them back.

Down on his luck, he encounters a friendly-faced man gets Gi-Hun to play a childish game, ddakji. After loosing continually, Gi-Hun Finally beats the man in the game. There interaction ends with the stranger giving him a business card, telling him about a giant competition comprised of children-games where the winner ends up with 45.6 Billion won (roughly 38 Million USD)

Seeing this as a opportunity to get his life together, he calls the number on the back of the business card and meets with the white van set to pick him up, only for him to get in the van and get knocked out by a wave of gas spread through the car.

He then wakes up in a giant room with 455 other contestants in identical green tracksuits, the only thing distinguishing from one another is their number. Gi-hun being 456th contestant. They stand around in awe of the entire scene until a group of masked men to describe the rules of the contest:

1) A player is not allowed to stop playing

2) A player who refuses to play will be eliminated

3) Games may be terminated if the majority agrees

After contestants sign off on this, they are taken to an open space, with one giant doll. They’re first game is red-light green-light. They have 5 minutes to get to the other side. The doll calls out red light, greenlight, and if the doll detects you moving after it turns around, you are eliminated.

We learn what they mean by ‘eliminated’ when a young man sprints ahead and gets detected by the doll, to be met with a bullet in the head. The other 455 freak-out, thus causing the bullets to fly.

This game, somehow, has even higher stakes for everyone involved; it is now life or death.

Gi-Hun survives and the reminding contestants choose to take advantage of clause #3 of the contract, and vote for the game to end. Yet in less than a week, 91% of the survivors–Gi-hun included—to play again. And from there, the games get even crazier.

Squid Game is an insightful commentary of what money and desperation can lead to people completely abandoning someone’s moral compass and I highly recommend everyone to watch on Netflix.