Six Gift Wrapping Ideas That Give Back to the Environment


Photo by Sarah Terletsky

These giftwrapping tips will save you time, money, and the environment!

  1. Using Comics from Old Newspapers

Although physical newspapers are not common anymore, if you know someone who has an old collection you can use the comics to wrap your gifts. They come in large sheets so they are easy to use for wrapping, and they already come with great patterns that add a nostalgic and humorous touch to any present. Plus, unlike traditional wrapping paper which can be complicated to recycle, the discarded newspaper can simply be recycled as it normally would be.

  1. Using Brown Paper

Another sustainable way to wrap gifts with paper is by using brown recyclable paper. Brown paper can be found at craft stores, dollar stores, and many other places where you can purchase typical wrapping paper. Not only is it recyclable, unlike glossy, glittery, or laminated paper, but it can also come in simple designs or be personalized with drawings and stickers to give your gifts a charming, rustic look.

  1. Using Fabric to Wrap Gifts

If you are someone who enjoys sewing and you have materials that you don’t plan to use, you could wrap your gifts with leftover fabrics. There are many tutorials available on YouTube that are easy to follow for several types of fabrics and packages. Using fabric creates a luxurious look that will spark your recipient’s imagination and allow them to find a new use for it too.

  1. Buying Reusable Fabric Ribbon

Rather than buying plastic ribbons that are ruined after one use, you use fabric ribbons which can be untied and reused year after year. Ribbons of various patterns, sizes, and textures can be found at dollar stores, craft stores, and many other places where wrapping materials are sold. They can be tied in many ways to give your gifts an elegant, delightful appearance.

  1. Arranging Gifts in a Basket or Vase

If you’re looking for a super simple option and you don’t need your gifts to be a surprise, you can arrange a collection of small gifts like candy, snacks, small toys, or other presents in a basket or vase with an adorable bow on top. This is a great option for classy, professional gifts to peers or colleagues.

  1. Saving Wrapping Materials to Reuse them Next Year

Finally, one of the easiest ways to give back to the environment is just by saving the gift-wrapping materials you usually use. As long as your gift recipient doesn’t get too excited and shred the decorations, you can fold bags and tissue paper, save large sheets of paper to wrap a smaller gift next year, and untie ribbons rather than cut them to reuse them.