5 Reasons why Kahoot is One of the BEST Ways to Study for a Test!

Students and teachers all over have loved playing this fun game as a strategy to prepare for tests and exams, it is a fun and interactive way to prepare for exams.


Photo by Sadie Wisniewski

Kahoot is an online study tool that many teachers use to make preparing for assessments more fun and interactive.

1. It makes the atmosphere of a classroom less stressful and more fun before test day.

The time before an exam can be incredibly stressful, especially for upperclassmen. Most students find themselves rushing around and staying up late to prepare for a test. Kahoot is a good way to ease that stress because it makes it into a fun game that students would love to play. On the day of the test, the room is usually quiet as students are focuses so, this is a great way to have some fun before that day.

2. It forces your brain to work faster to think of an answer, which will help you remember it later.

When playing Kahoot, you are forced to have your brain work very fast, since you want to win (or get more points). It is more challenging to have a limited number of seconds while answering a question than it is to have a couple of minutes to answer the question, so doing it in a more challenging way can help to prepare you for the test.

3. It helps students all have fun together.

Having fun with peers as teenagers is one of the best things for them in some cases. Kids all around always enjoy playing games with one another. It is a great way to do something that they find fun and to get information across. Don’t underestimate the highschoolers desire to have a little fun in school, too.

4. Answering questions is much more effective than reading over notes.

I find that doing something that is interactive where you answer questions is much more effective than reading notes because you’re doing something and that makes it less likely for you to zone out.

5. After doing it in class, some teachers also put it online so you can re- do it later.

Doing something more than once can help you remember it better, sometimes repetition is an effective method of learning and retaining information. Many kids go home the night before a test and wonder what they can do to study the best, having a resource right at your fingertips can help students feel more motivated to study.