Creating an Involved Time Capsule


Photo by Sadie Wisniewski

These are some examples of things I put in my time capsule! Creating one is fun and easy.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the words “time capsule” is a box with many different objects that represent memories. While this is true, most people do not think a time capsule can be any more than this, but there are many other ways someone can personalize a time capsule. Also, a time capsule does not have to be put away somewhere not to be touched for a long time. You can keep it out and look through it whenever you want to ponder your memories. 

Did you know that creating a time capsule can help your de-clutter? Taking objects that you do not typically use anymore but may have memories attached to them and putting them in your time capsule can help you clear out room for new stuff. Then, if you feel you want to keep that item or use it again you can! 

You can use any box to create your time capsule. For example, I used a cardboard box, so I was able to get pictures made of the period I was basing it on and tape them to the box.  

Another benefit to creating a time capsule is that it helps you keep those memories, but it allows you to move on. You will not constantly have those things out to remind yourself of the past, but you can always go back and look at them. It teaches you a healthy way of looking at the past; you cannot erase it because it is always going to be there, but you can compartmentalize it and move on when you need to. A time capsule is like a physical version of what most people do in their minds. It is your experience that makes up part of who you are, but what makes up the other part of you is how you are going to live your future. 

Although the experience or idea you created the time capsule for might be lost or gone, it will leave you with something tangible to represent it. For example, my time capsule encompasses my entire sophomore year, but my school year never was something I could touch while it was still happening. It was a topic or a concept but, when it ended instead of losing it completely, creating the time capsule put it in tangible form. 

Some examples of what I used in my time capsule are jewelry I do not wear anymore, old crystals that helped me at one point in my life, letters I wrote to myself (this is a big one), cards from people, and parts of school projects. My capsule is about a school year, so I added many school related items to it, but what you add to your own time capsule is completely optional. A time capsule can be about anything you want, there are no rules when creating one. It is one of those projects where you just do what your heart tells you.