Creating Digital Art is Convenient But Don’t Forget About the Original Arts!


Photo by Sadie Wisniewski

Nature is also a positive asset to modern arts. Just like arts nature has been around for generations!

“There is nothing in this world like art. It would be a promising idea to bring tangible arts to the limelight more.” 

Visual arts have been around for generations and in recent years since technology has come out, we have developed a concept of digital arts such as graphic design. Graphic designers use things such as computer software to create ideas.  

While graphic designers can do some of their work by hand many of them do not and they rely on technology.  

Although digital arts have opened many concepts and new ways of doing things, nothing can ever top creating art without technology since it is more genuine. People have gotten so used to creating art online that it may feel as though creating art without the help of computer software has been forgotten.  

Getting out of technology for a while can be a positive thing for many people. Many people can enjoy going to something such as an art show and seeing pieces of art with paint strokes, imperfections, and true beauty.  

It is true that looking at things such as these are much more pleasing than looking at a graphic online.  

Another component is mental health, doing activities that are not technology related can re-set your mind. As stated by this website “Circle,” “Kids who spend more than two hours a day on screen time activities score lower on language and thinking tests.”  

This shows that spending a lot of time either creating digital arts or looking at them can lower your ability to succeed academically. The arts are supposed to provide you with better knowledge and smarts and as it seems according to this statement digital arts may do quite the opposite.  

The fear of losing physical arts is relevant because of how up- front digital arts has become. Therefore, a solution to this problem could be solved simply by getting people that are more interested in the profession of non-digital arts. By offering more activities and classes that are based in drawing, painting, sculpture and just general crafts.