Rihanna Fans Rejoice

Double the reason to love the news from our favorite singer

On Friday, October 28th, the world suddenly shifted into a better place. At least that’s what it felt like for Rihanna fans.

After a long six years, Rihanna finally released a new song named “Lift me up”.

This is now her newest solo release. Some referred to these six years as a “Rihanna drought”.

The announcement of her performance at the Super Bowl was enough to make fans go wild, but along with a new release, Rihanna fans might be the happiest people on earth this season.

I, along with many other fans, instantly loved the song before we even pressed play.

“Lift Me Up” is a slow-moving song, beautifully enhancing various emotions.

“Lift me up’ is a part of the soundtrack from “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” movie.

The star who played the main character, Chadwick Boseman, sadly passed due to colon cancer on August 28, 2020.

This song written by Rihanna, Ryan Coogler, Ludwig Göransson, and  Temilade Openiyi was created especially to pay tribute to Boseman.

This new release was able to capture the heartbreak of losing someone; yet, reminds us that there will be brighter days.

Although many, along with me, were hoping for a ‘beat drop’ or a ‘fast moving song’, few were actually disappointed when they listened to the whole song.

I can’t wait to see what else Rihanna has in store!