Which Holiday Shopping Method is Right for You?


Photo by M. Sullivan

Best option for shopping — carry it all or have it delivered straight to your door?

The holidays are a time of giving. With Christmas lists getting longer by the second, keeping up can feel just as impossible as Santa’s trip around the world. Have no fear! I’m here to help you figure out what shopping method is the best for your needs!

After interviewing a variety of age groups, I have deduced what the preferred methods for holiday shopping are.

With 45% of votes, mostly by those 36-45 years old, online shopping is a great option for homebodies and those who aren’t able to get their hands dirty sorting through and wrapping gifts due to work restraints, medical concerns, or other reasons unique to them. There are far more options to choose from as the entire internet is fair game.

Another plus is that sharing links to items can help you to find the exact item the receiver of your gift is hoping for without counterfeits or sizing troubles getting in the way. However, if you’re shopping is more complicated, finding correct sizing and other important details can make or break the gift. Another thing to consider is the fact that if you’re living with the recipient of your gift, it’s likely they will have an idea of what they are receiving and can mistakenly open the package prematurely.

A close second for shopping options, with 35% of votes mostly by those 12-25, is visiting shopping malls as a solid contender. Although they can be a gamble, there’s good variety and they tend to be more cost efficient than shopping online with frequent sales and no shipping fees.

This is also a great option for younger people who haven’t yet opened their own checking account. Malls do, however, tend to crowd and can involve long waits and sometimes items are out of stock.

Another plus is that the experience is enjoyable for many; some even report being able to find things easier as items are organized in a way that is great for shopping for others. You don’t need a knack for gifting in order to find something sufficient in a mall due to the abundance of options presented to you without any research necessary. After just a bit of exploration and patience, it’s almost guaranteed that there is something perfect for your special someone ending up in your bag.

Finally, a common choice with ages 45+ taking up 20% of votes is shopping in town through small local stores. This is a great way to support your community and, who knows, your purchase could even help put gifts under the tree for the staff’s family members too.

Even if your options are limited, the right store will be sure to help complete your shopping list. A perk you can also count on is that quality is almost always ensured considering that products are hand selected by store owners to fit their ideals and overall store theme and aesthetic.

One of the few negatives of small boutiques and shops is pricing. Because of the high-quality products and sometimes even handmade items, prices tend to be significantly higher than what you would find in retail stores. If you do have the money to make up for this, it’s a much better option since you are putting your money towards a group of individuals rather than a corporation.

In summary, what shopping method is best varies person to person, but as you can see there is something for everyone.