Not So Black and White

A Review of Netflix’s Wednesday


Photo by Jacob Gabel

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Wednesday is the newest installment in the Addams Family franchises, a show that takes a dive into Wednesday Addams and her not so normal teenage experience.

After taking extreme measures to protect her brother from a bully, Wednesday is expelled from her high school. This then opens the opportunity for her parents to send her to Nevermore, their old school.

At first Wednesday is against this idea, not wanting to become a copy of her parents, but after she witnesses a peer get murdered by a monster in the woods only for him to show up the next day Wednesday is enticed to stay a little longer. 

The show balances a dark and edgy aesthetic without losing the charm of the original Addams Family. Some of the classic family dynamic is lost to push Wednesday’s character along. Wednesday is often seen isolated and lonely because she pushes everyone away.

The New York Times  said, “Perhaps for the first time, an Addams Family story pushes Wednesday toward being more like everyone else.”

This brings up an interesting point of whether this really holds up to the original Addams family goal. As a stand-alone the show ii is interesting, and the cast does an amazing good. Especially Jenna Ortegawho plays an amazing Wednesday even with the limit on the range of emotions she could express. 

Overall, the show has an engaging premise that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.


But the twist villains of not only Tyler but Ms. Thornhill, two close characters to Wednesday, felt surprising without coming out of nowhere, something other shows and movies struggle with.

The show ends wrapping up the main storyline but leaves a possibility for another season. It will be exciting to see how they further develop the story if the show continues.