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Welcome to the Class of 2027!

27 suggestions to help you settle into the Big House.
Photo by Ceania Gonzales
NHS members assist incoming ninth graders with schedules and touring our building before the first day of the 2023-2024 school year!

Hey Class of 2027 — welcome to Pat-Med High School!

These are 27 tips to help you throughout your freshman year! 


  1. Hand in homework on time. 

Handing in your homework on time not only helps you maintain your grades, but it also helps you with managing your time. 

  1. Be open to making new friends. 

This is your first time meeting a new group of students from two different schools! Which also means it’s a great opportunity to get to know and expand your friend group with kids you’ll be seeing these next four years. 

  1. Be involved in class activities.

Raider Bowl, Homecoming, and Float Week are so much fun. Be sure to participate and help out your class show off their school spirit! 

  1. Go to sporting events. 

Games are not only entertaining, but they’re also a great way to show some Raider pride! 

  1. Get to know your teachers. 

Getting to know them helps you to create a relationship with your teachers in a learning environment and outside of a learning environment. 

  1. Start studying for tests and quizzes EARLY. 

Studying for tests and quizzes the night before might lead to a negative outcome. Instead, start studying for tests a week in advance and start studying for quizzes three days prior. 

  1. Show up to extra help. 

Your teachers are more than happy to help you when you don’t understand the topic you’re learning. Even if you know the topic like the back of your hand, it doesn’t hurt to go visit your teacher for extra information. 

  1. Join clubs and be involved. 

Being involved in clubs not only helps you get a feel for our after-school activities, but it also helps with college applications when asked about extracurricular activities. 

  1.  Try out for leadership positions in clubs. 

Join G.O and attend your class meetings if interested in leadership roles. Not only do they look great on college applications, but they also build your leadership and teamwork skills and allow you to learn more about yourself as a person! 

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

It doesn’t have to only be your teachers who you can ask for help, it can also be a classmate or even your friends 😊 

  1. Invest in a planner/agenda. 

This helps keep you organized for the week with homework and project due dates. 

  1. Buy a cookie from the Raider Bean. 

Raider bean cookies are the best cookies you will ever buy here in Pat-Med. Keep a look out for upcoming Raider Bean locations! 

  1. Go visit the school store. 

Our business classes do not disappoint when it comes to the school store. Buy candy, snacks, drinks, ice cream, school merch, and even some merchandise that our very own students make! 

  1. Visit the library. 

You can sign up for a pass to the library during your lunch, study hall, or even after school! Just sign up on student square and you’ll be ready to enjoy the peace and cool aired library. 

  1. Be friends with your guidance counselor. 

Guidance counselors are such a big help when you just want to talk or want to fix anything in your schedule.  

  1. Take part in Spirit Week. 

Spirit Week is one of the most fun weeks in the school year and we wouldn’t want you to miss the fun!  

  1. Watch the School Musical. 

Our music department and students work so hard to pull off a Broadway-worthy performance just for our community! 

  1. Be involved in sports.

Even if you didn’t take part in sports in middle school, there are so many sports to try out throughout the year. It’s a great way to stay fit, make new friends, and keep you busy outside of school! 

  1. Do not procrastinate! 

The only thing that procrastinating will do for you is make you sleep at 3:00 am because you didn’t do the assignment that was assigned to you a week or two ago. 

  1. Charge your laptop before you go to bed!
  2. Make a study playlist

Making a study playlist always helps me feel more productive. If you have not tried listening to music while doing homework or studying, give it a shot! There are tons of playlists on YouTube and Spotify to choose from. 

  1. Always check your email. 

Your email is what keeps you and your teachers in touch when needed, and we both know you would not want to miss any last-minute announcements. 

  1. Always check student portal for grades.

It is important to keep up with your grades, especially now that you are in high school. Most teachers are quick with getting grades back to you so you can see your grades on new assignments, but it is equally as important to check for missing assignments before the quarter ends! 

  1.  Do not forget your ID! 

If this occurs, you will wait outside the cafeteria to check in, and it will be harder to get into the school. 

  1. Do not overwork yourselves. 

Your physical/mental health always comes before school. If it gets too stressful, take a breath and breathe, go to a guidance counselor, or take a day off. 

  1. Join the Red and Black/Raider TV 😉
  2. HAVE FUN!!!


Hopefully these 27 tips help you out throughout this school year. Have an amazing school year and on behalf of the Red and Black team, we hope your first year of high school is a BLAST! 

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