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Main St. or Venue: Where Will Next Year’s Senior Prom Be Held?

Photo by M. Scaldaferri
For the past few years, senior prom on Main Street has been the choice venue – are we ready to return to indoors?

Coming back from their last summer as high school students, it’s time for the Class of 2024 to start planning their senior year. Back in May, Junior Prom was hosted at Stereo Garden and was a hit!

As the class begins their Senior year festivities, it is now time for them to decide on this year’s prom location – Main Street or a venue? Keep reading to see what the class has decided! 

Starting with the Class of 2021, Pat-Med has hosted Senior Prom on Main Street to follow accordingly with COVID-19 guidelines. The new change was not only exciting for the class, but for the community as well.  

When talking to recent high school graduates, Manny “Megaphone Manny” Torres (Class of 2023), was excited for last year’s prom to be held at Main Street as he was “the life of the party.” He was also a part of their class’s Prom Court.   

In June, the Class of 2024 posted a survey for students via StudentSquare to vote on whether they’d like prom on Main Street or in a venue. Students also had the opportunity to send in suggestions for a senior trip and senior prom themes.  

When asked about his opinion on next year’s location, Senior, Owen Walker voted, “Venue. I think it will be cheaper.”  

After talking to classmates, there seems to be an even split between Main Street and having a venue. Personally, while it would be cool to experience prom on Main Street, I think it would be better to spend money on a nice venue.  

Executive Board member of the Class of 2024, Mallory Rettig, says, “I am really hoping for our prom to be at a venue next year. I know that there are a lot of uncertainties with weather when it comes to prom on Main and I believe having it at a venue will be a good chance for us all to be together as the Class of 2024 before we graduate.”  

In past years, Senior Prom has been held at various locations such as Villa Lombardi’s or Lombardi’s On The Bay. Some possible options for next year also include East Wind. Having multiple options for a venue not only cuts down on the expenses of closing Main Street but also avoids having multiple rain dates with an outdoor prom.  

As the Senior Class hosted their first meeting of the school year this past Monday, a decision was made after the long summer. But before we look at the results from the survey, let’s weigh in both the pros and cons of each option: 

PROS for Main Street:  

  • It’s been a PMHS tradition for the last three years, so why stop now?  
  • There are many activities Main Street offers that a venue doesn’t (ex. red carpet through the Patchogue Theatre, different food options from restaurants, etc.)  
  • What better way to spend prom outdoors under the stars, right?  
  • Let’s be honest, being able to say you had your prom on Main Street is pretty cool.  

 CONS for Main Street:  

  • Due to the costs of closing businesses and the grand scheme of having prom on Main Street, the tickets are more expensive.  
  • An outdoor prom equals possibly a rainy prom, which means tux rentals, and nail, hair, and makeup appointments will have to be carefully scheduled too.  
  • The dance floor is the width of one lane (for emergency purposes) and therefore limited compared to one you’d see at a venue.  
  • With Main Street being considerably larger than a venue and outdoors, decorating to a theme is more difficult.  

PROS for Venue:  

  • Indoor prom equals no worries about cancellation for the weather. Of course, picture plans before prom may be squashed, but at least the venue is secured.  
  • Speaking of pictures…most venues have their own “picture-perfect” spots readily available at the location!  
  • Cost-wise and organization-wise, it’s easier to plan efficiently than Main Street.  
  • Decorations can be widely used to emphasize a set theme indoors.  
  • Having the event indoors “forces” everyone to be together, which at the end of the night, works in our favor as everyone unites on the dance floor.  

CONS for Venue:  

  • It lacks the unique aspect Prom on Main Street has.  
  • Depending on the venue, prom usually falls during “wedding season,” so finding a good date is harder.  
  • Tickets can still be expensive, depending on how much expenses are covered by fundraising.  
  • Transportation to the venue will depend on how far it is. In previous years, coach buses brought students to Main Street from the high school, but will it be the same system going to a venue?  

While after much deliberation throughout the summer, the votes are in!

Class President, Rithika Sivapokaran reveals this year’s prom location and the process in coming to a decision.

“With patience, we embraced the chorus of student voices, collaborated as a team, and we proudly unveil our results: this year’s senior prom will take place on our cherished Main Street. Your input, your feedback—it all mattered deeply to us” she announces. 

 Regardless, there is no denying that the incoming senior class has a lot of planning to do.

There are many exciting plans in store for the Class of 2024, and planning Senior Prom is just the beginning.

What are your thoughts on this year’s Prom being on Main Street once again? Let us know! 

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What is the best place to host Senior Prom?


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