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Quality Over Quantity

Marvel slowing down on production
Photo by Damiano Scuteri
Expectations are always high when it comes to new Marvel releases. Can the studio produce for eager audiences?

Over these past few years, it has been evident that the quality of the MCU has decreased.

Marvel announced a few months ago that they will be reevaluating the upcoming movies and other projects they have going on, they will be releasing less content to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. 

While that sounds concerning and like they are going backwards here are the facts: Marvel has released twenty-three movies from 2008-2019 very few of these movies have gotten bad reviews and are loved by fans. In the past three years from 2020-2023 there have been a total of twenty Marvel projects including movies and TV shows.  

These shows and movies have not been getting the reviews Marvel is used to. The three worst rated Marvel movies are from these past years. The newer movies have been especially disappointing to the avid fans and watchers of the MCU, they have not been living up to Marvel’s name.  

For this reason, Disney has announced they will be slowing down the production of their projects.

Although they announced this not too long ago, we are now going to hopefully start seeing results of how the change will impact the quality.

Disney has delayed a lot of MCU projects and will be slowing things down moving forward to focus on taking the time they need for each project. While some fans are upset about less Marvel content coming out, it’s for the best, many fans think that this is a great idea.

“It’s a little sad that they are slowing down because they have given us so much content over the last few years but at the same time, I feel like it could be a good thing.” said Tatiana Romero who has seen every Marvel movie the day it comes out. 

“The recent movies have been getting a lot of criticism by fans because they haven’t been living up to their expectations or often felt rushed so hopefully, they use this time to create higher quality films.” she added.

Romero also said, “I personally enjoyed all the new releases despite their flaws, but my favorite was the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie that is the first movie over the past few years that has felt like a real Marvel movie to me.”

Some fans have enjoyed the newer films and agree with Romero, but most fans think it’s time for Marvel to take a step back on production and put in the time a project needs to be great. 

Rithika Sivapokaran thinks, “It’s about time, things have felt rushed, and the movies aren’t hitting their usual caliber. They weren’t as enjoyable especially after losing so many important characters, it’s important for them to build a new Marvel community and really establish a connection between the characters instead of throwing in these characters we’ve never heard of.” 

“Everyone gets very hyped up for Marvel movies, but a lot of the newer releases have felt rushed except for the new Guardians of The Galaxy, I could see the time and effort they put into that movie I hope we see more of that in the future.” 

Even the most extreme Marvel fans can see the clear dip in quality of the recent projects, hopefully Disney and Marvel take the time their projects need to be amazing like they were before.

We can only hope that in these coming years we will see the change Marvel is making. 

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Damiano Scuteri, Staff Writer
Class of 2024. Loves movies, dogs, and music. Fears bugs and clowns. Wishes to pass AP Calculus.

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  • M

    Miles DiekmannOct 3, 2023 at 9:09 am

    I agree that Marvel movies have declined in quality. I think this article succeeded in making me inflect about what I like about Marvel movies and getting me excited for some upcoming releases.