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The Darker Side of Halloween

A short guide on how not to become a statistic
Photo by A. Mckeough
Be safe this Halloween, Raiders. Check out some tips from our staff to make your Halloween both safe and fun.

You might be wondering; how dangerous could Halloween be?

Since we were children, every 31st of October we would enjoy the experience of disguising ourselves as mythical creatures or our favorite TV characters while roaming the streets of the neighborhood.

It’s a time for parties, pumpkin carving, and candy collecting.

When we were younger, we never suspected the dangers of this “festive” sugar-coated holiday.

This year, we can prepare for some Tuesday night trick-or-treating by taking some precautionary measures and looking at a few statistics.

According to a study from Auto, Tuesday is the second highest weekday with the number of fatalities resulting from automobile accidents.

There are two things that primarily account for this —  drinking and driving and the simplicity of walking down the street in the dark both of which can be dangerous.

That is why we must be consistently  be aware of how we might avoid the possible tragedies of this night.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few ways to stay safe and enjoy this night to the fullest.


Watch your surroundings.

Halloween, or not, people have places to be and they are not stopping for anyone. So, make sure to keep left of traffic and have eyes on your younger siblings while crossing the street.

Maintain a leisurely and consistent pace.

With that said, another safety precaution is to keep your phone away. Watch the road for hazards or cars lurking in the dark.

If you do happen to come across a driver, make eye contact with them. This lets them know that you’re aware of your current whereabouts and they don’t need to worry about you accidentally falling into the street.


Embrace your creative cosmetology skills and opt for some brightly colored make-up or face paint instead of facemasks, which can obscure your vision.

Glowsticks can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping you visible to drivers or other pedestrians as you lose daylight. Another option is reflective tape/stickers that can be stuck into costumes, candy bags, or hair clips.

Pay attention to the finer details of your costumes. Loosely fitted attire may lead to minor falling hazards, so ensure that nothing is being dragged behind you.

On another note, before purchasing your costumes, check the label for “fire resistant” materials to avoid any unnecessary trips to the ER.


Stick to what’s familiar.

You’re less likely to wander around warily if you have a good grasp of your surroundings.

Make sure to stick to well-maintained, less crowded roadways. Crossing Route 112 at night has never been a promising idea to begin with.

Consider planning out your little journey before you even leave the house. It all boils down to knowing where you are and where you’re going to minimize as many risks as possible.

Avoiding using shortcuts. While they might take the guise of time-savers, they open an opportunity to more trouble than a few minutes are worth. They could lead to possible tripping hazards, leave you at an unknown location, or bring you into contact with some unfriendly strangers.

Overall, Halloween is meant to be enjoyed. It is a time to bask in the creativity and excitement of the night with friends and families. Yet, among this excitement we must equally understand the importance of the role that safety has upon this event.

Hold onto the fond memories of Halloween by keeping a harmonious balance of both fun and safety throughout the night!

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