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Five Town College Summer Scholars Program

Photo by Arellys Barrera-Martinez
Using new photography techniques learned at the Five Town College Program.

I stared at my computer screen a few minutes more, as I pondered the various questions in
my mind. Particularly wondering if doing this summer program would be worth it.

Finally, I took a deep breath and hovered the mouse over the word “submit” and clicked. Little did I know how grateful I would be to have participated in the program and if I could, I would do it all over again.

This summer I decided to do the Five Town College Summer Scholars Program.

This five-week long summer program taught me many things. Not only was I able to learn from two amazing photography professors but I was also able to make memorable connections with my peers.

This program allowed students to take one or more college courses, earning up to six college credits. These courses ranged from Audio, Music, Digital Arts and Multi-Media, and the Performing Arts.

Brentwood High School student, Cydnie Charles stated: “I enjoyed how they let us be ourselves and creative. Unlike many other classes, the instructions and rubric was very loose. I would do it all over again, but it would have to be with the same group because everyone I worked with and became friends with are some really cool people. The experience itself was just amazing.”

Initially, I was going to take the Digital Photography course; however, I was later given the
opportunity to also take the Studio Photography course, both of which were fully covered by
scholarships that I had received.

I’ve never been good at socializing, so I felt very nervous on the first day. I started to second guess myself as I walked into the auditorium to be directed to my first class. I found my first
class and sat down.

The professor began to inform us about what was going to be covered over these five weeks. In between my classes, we were given a break during which we would be able to eat and socialize. As I dreadfully walked into the upbeat café, I was quickly encountered by a pair of girls that were in my class. They started talking to me and as time progressed. I started feeling more at ease and began talking more as well.

We began sharing stories and our thoughts about the program. Before I knew it a friendship was formed, and time was up! We had to head over to the next class.

I will never forget the feeling as I walked into the studio. I was fascinated by how big it
was, and excited that I would be able to shoot in it. As I sat down my professor explained all the
types of photography we were going to do throughout these weeks. Some examples he gave
were magazine photography, food photography, product photography, portrait photography, and
levitation photography.

“I enjoyed learning about the camera and getting to be hands on with camera, I would definitely
do this program all over again because I met so many great positive people there and the teachers
were great” said Arianna Maniscalco from East Meadow High School.

He also wasted no time in informing us that we were to pick out a product to shoot for our next assignment, product photography. He challenged us to be mindful of what to bring and that our product is to look as good as new.

Just from this first day, I knew I had made the right choice in deciding to do this program and I
had never felt this excited to learn.

These courses allowed me to learn how to work in a real photography studio, and how to use
specific equipment. It taught us various new photography techniques and challenged us to think
outside the box.

Additionally, it allowed us to experiment with different lighting, lenses, equipment, and techniques. Each professor taught us something new.

This program would also throw little events for us, such as karaoke, movie screenings, snow
cones, ice cream, and many more. These events allowed me to not only make connections but also build friendships with many of my peers whom I am still in contact with today.

From the first day that I met some of them to the last day that we had to depart from each
other. I can say these were the most memorable, admirable, and encouraging people I have ever

Robin Jones from Bayport-Blue Point High School shares my enthusiasm, “I would definitely do it all over again! It helped me figure out more about what I wanted to do as a career and I met amazing people, getting to work in projects in groups was definitely memorable. I also loved that the teachers really genuinely cared about us and tried to make it a fun experience.”

This program pushed me to be more creative, communicative, and confident. It helped me realize that I could be outgoing and connected me with amazing people.

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