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Mr. Carlson
Photo by Sadie Wisniewski
Teaching Generation Citizen allows Mr. Carlson to teach students how to collaborate with others, problem solving skills, and so much more.

Our fourth featured teacher is Mr. Carlson, who teaches US History/Government 11, Generation Citizen (Civics) 12, and Participation in Government 12.

“I create a positive relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, that leads to learning for every student.”

— Mr. Carlso

Although it is evident that Mr. Carlson has changed our school for the better in so many ways, one of the biggest things he has done is all the work he put into Generation Citizen. This is a class for seniors where they pick an issue in their community and take steps such as interviewing politicians to solve it. 

Mr. Carlson suggests that: “Generation Citizen or Civis gives kids a hands-on experience in working to make a difference in our community.” 

When asked select questions that go beyond only what happens in the classroom, these were Mr. Carlson’s responses: 

Q: What is something you make sure to do with all your classes that you believe benefits your students? 

A: I treat them fairly and equally. I treat them with respect and talk to them like adults. I create a positive relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, that leads to learning for every student.  

Q: What are your passions outside of being in the teaching profession? 

A: My family, going on vacations, my son’s sporting events, and the sports teams I root for are all part of my passions. 

Q: What inspired you to become a history teacher? 

A: It was my 11th grade US history teacher at West Babylon High School. He was also my basketball coach. His teaching style inspired me to become a teacher myself. 

Q: If you had to pick a different job than teaching, what job would it be and why? 

A: Politics, to make a positive difference in the world and community. In college it was down to being a teacher or working in politics and I chose teaching.  

Q: What is your favorite topic to teach during the school year and why? 

A: Anything modern, such as historical events like 9/11. I enjoy teaching modern topics because students know more about them. I also enjoy teaching students about Michael Murphy, so they understand why the school is named after him. I believe that any students walking through these doors should have an idea of who Michael Murphy was. 

Q: What are two words you would use to describe yourself when you were in high school and why? 

A: Dependable and or responsible. I feel my teachers and coaches could always count on me every day. Which also applies to me as a teacher.  

Q: Who is a person in your life that had an impact on you and how did they change you?  

A: My 11th grade history teacher, Mr. Lynch. He inspired me and changed the direction of my life by encouraging me to become a history teacher. I ended up doing my student teaching at the school he taught at. When I came back, he had been promoted to being a dean. When I first became a student teacher, I went into his office and told him that he was the reason I was there and going to pursue my dreams of becoming a high school history teacher. 

Q: What college did you go to? What was your favorite experience you had during college and what makes it your favorite? 

A: I attended SUNY Albany for my Bachelors, and SUNY Stony Brook for my Masters. Student teaching was my favorite experience because it confirmed that I knew that’s what I wanted to do for my career. 

Q: If you could say one thing to your high school self, what would it be and why?  

A: Be yourself and never change. 

Q: What is one word of advice that you believe benefits high school students? 

A: Never give up, don’t give up on your hopes and dreams. Always strive to succeed.  


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