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Most Anticipated Books for April

Photo by Allyson McGowan
These April releasing books are already speculated to be at the top of the charts.

April is a busy month for book readers, as there are a lot of amazing new books being released. From dark mysteries to cute romances, there’s something for every type of reader to enjoy.

The Reappearance of Rachel Price – Holly Jackson

Release Date: April 2nd

“The people who loved you, the ones who really cared, they would always come back. Sometimes, they even came back from the dead.”

From the beloved author of the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series comes a brand new true-crime-fueled mystery. The story revolves around an 18-year-old girl named Bel, whose mom mysteriously vanished when she was young. Then, once her family has agreed to star in a brand new true-crime documentary, her mother makes her reappearance, and Bel struggles to understand why her mom went missing and why she’s suddenly back again.

The Cemetery of Untold Stories – Julia Alvarez

Release Date: April 2nd

“She needed a place to bury her unfinished work, a space honoring all those characters who had never had a chance to tell their stories.”

Alma Cruz decided to bury her stories. Literally. When she returned to her homeland in the Dominican Republic, Alma Cruz created a graveyard for all of her untold stories and manuscripts that she buried in the hopes of coming to peace with not finishing them. However, the characters from her stories have other ideas and decide to take it upon themselves to rewrite and finish their own stories by confiding in the groundskeeper Alma had hired to tend to her cemetery of untold stories, Filomena.

The Familiar – Leigh Bardugo

Release Date: April 9th

Leigh Bardugo is a talented author most known for creating the Grishaverse, which includes several books and a Netflix series adaptation. Her latest novel is a historical fantasy that takes place during the Spanish Golden Age.

The novel follows Luzia Cotado, who uses her magical gifts to entertain Spanish nobles and try to make a better life for herself. However, she gets caught up in some shady underground businesses and soon realizes that she needs the help of an immortal familiar by the name of Guillén Santangel if she wants to make it through the inquisition alive.

Late Bloomer – Mazey Eddings

Release Date: April 16th

Opal Devins is too nice, and it’s been her downfall ever since she won the lottery and can’t help but give money to anyone who asks. To combat this, Opal buys herself a flower farm, where she plans to restart her life. Except there’s still one problem, and her name’s Pepper Smith. Pepper believes that she’s the rightful owner of the flower farm, and the two of them decide to live together until this situation fixes itself. But as time goes on, the two begin to realize they have more in common than they originally thought and begin to develop feelings for each other despite their differences.

Funny Story – Emily Henry

Release Date: April 23rd

Emily Henry has been one of the most popular romance book authors recently, and her newest book is already anticipated to be a major hit.

Daphne recently got broken up with after her fiance decided he was in love with his childhood best friend. Feeling lost without anyone to confide in, Daphne meets the one person she could relate to: the ex of her ex’s new fiance. Together, they cope with their heartbreaks and attempt to learn how to love again, even if it’s tough for the both of them.

The Merciless King of Moore High – Lily Sparks

Release Date: April 23rd

When the adults have all turned into giant monsters, teenagers are forced to barricade themselves inside their schools to survive. After overhearing something she shouldn’t, Kay Kim has been thrown out of her school, Jefferson High, and forced to fend for herself. However, the rival school district, Moore High, found her and took her in. But right when Kay thought she had been saved, she realized that life at Moore was a lot different than she had anticipated and a lot more like a medieval video game.

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