The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

Patriots and Rams aside - let's decide the winners and losers of the coveted Super Bowl ad spots.

I'm just here to talk about the commercials (me, to anyone who asked what I thought about last night's Super Bowl game).

Photo by Sofia Oakley

I'm just here to talk about the commercials (me, to anyone who asked what I thought about last night's Super Bowl game).

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For the longest time, Super Bowl commercials have been iconic. Many non-football fans watch the game just for the ads, but to gain a spot on the biggest football Sunday of the year is not cheap. At this year’s Super Bowl, advertisers are paying between $5.1 and $5.3 million for a 30-second commercial spot. That’s the most expensive they’ve ever been. Since 2007 commercial prices for the Super Bowl have nearly doubled from when it was “only” $2.4 million.

Plenty of different brands are releasing ads during the Super Bowl in the hopes of capitalizing on that game day buzz from the millions of people watching.  Many businesses used the commercials  this year to advertise some new ideas. They publicize everything from the newest technology, movies, food, and more.

I have picked my top 5 favorite commercials for this years Super Bowl:

  • Hyundai: Its main setting was in a elevator. They kept going down and each level got worse. One level was a person who had to stop to get a root canal, another one for someone having to sit in the middle seat of an airplane, a teenager was stopped off at a level to have “the talk” with his dad, etc. Once a couple requested Hyundai they finally went up and everything got better. It was very humorous to watch and very relatable for people who have every been in a situation where they have to go to the dealership. Clearly, car shopping is not a pleasurable experience. But, with Hyundai, now it can be.
  • Olay: The scene was set during a home invasion. A woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was trying to get into her phone but, it wasn’t recognizing her face. She didn’t understand why until she soon realized she looked a lot different before she started using Olay’s skincare products. She grabs an old picture of herself and notices the difference. The person breaking in eventually gets into the room she’s in and tells her she has glowing skin; the tagline of the commercial being “#killerskin”. It was humorous in the way that they added the new technology of phones now and a smart way to show how they’re result of using their products can have an effect on even the most advanced technology.
  • NFL 100: They had all the major football stars together. They were passing around the golden football, doing and saying their famous catchphrases while tackling and passing the ball. For example, they showed Tom Brady with all his Super Bowl rings from winning 5 Super Bowls. It was cool to see all the stars together. It really showed some of their individual characters while being funny. This commercial was definitely the highlight for many football fans and did a nice job capitalizing on the nostalgia of football.
  • Toyota: This ad was all about the bringing back of the Supra and it was set as a traditional pinball game. The car, Supra was acting like the pinball and was hitting each of the obstacles. There Moro was “it’s back”. I enjoyed this commercial because it was different and was showing old games like an old car, Supra coming back.
  • CBS sports: This commercial was based off a little kid dreaming big. He falls asleep watching someone motivational. He dreams of making all of these great achievements in the major points for each sports. He soon after that wakes up and the person on the TV says, “dream big kid, dream big”. I found this advertisement very motivational and cute for showing this little boy in his dream achieving a lot.

All in all, each of the commercials had their own individual characters and aspects that worked together. Companies paid millions of dollars to have each of their advertisements aired.

Leave a comment and tell us your picks for best & worst commercials of this years Super Bowl.

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