Hollywood’s Bleeding: Post Malone Album Review


Photo by Jayde Iannone

The album everyone should be listening to.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Post Malone. He started rising in 2016 and now you hear him on the radio daily. I personally love Post Malone. I find myself always listening to him or constantly playing his songs on guitar. When he came out with his new album on September 6th, I thought it would give me a great opportunity to review each song honestly. So, here is my review on Post Malone’s 3rd album, Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Hollywood’s Bleeding: This song is a great intro to the album. It gives off a dark vibe and Post Malone mentions how celebrities rely on Hollywood but it’s falling apart. 8/10

Saint- Tropez: It’s alright. This song is definitely something you would hear on the radio but it’s not my type of song. To me, it’s just the same thing repeated over and over again. 5/10

Enemies feat. DaBaby: Another song that can make it on the radio. I like this one a lot and I didn’t expect to. I’ve never even heard of DaBaby but he adds a nice touch to the song. 6/10

Allergic: I LOVE this song. It’s very upbeat and not what you expect from Post Malone. It gives me crocodile rock vibes. It somehow maintains a fun and upbeat tune but if you really listen to it, the lyrics are really negative. 10/10

A Thousand Bad Times: I wish this song was on the radio. It’s very upbeat like “Allergic”. Posty talks about how a girl uses him for his fame and money. Who hurt him? Like seriously, Post Malone are you okay? 10/10

Circles: I love this song so much. It comes in with a soft acoustic guitar that gives a calm feel. I can just dance around to this in my room. I freak out whenever this song comes on the radio because it’s so good. 10/10

Die for Me feat. Future and Halsey: Eh. It’s okay. If this song were to come on while listening to shuffle I’ll probably skip it. I love the hook but I’m just not a fan of future. It is cool hearing Halsey because Post Malone doesn’t usually feature women. 4/10

On the Road feat. Meek Mill and Lil Baby: Yeah, I could hear this on the radio. It’s not my type of song but it is catchy. This is another song where he features people I’ve never heard of. Otherwise it has a nice beat. 6/10

Take What You Want feat. Ozzy Osborne and Travis Scott: Oh my god. This song is amazing. Post Malone was so smart for bringing in Ozzy Osborne. That totally shocked me. He even adds in harmonies and it’s amazing. The Travis Scott part is alright. He does something I call mumble rap and I’m not a fan of it. The amazing guitar solo at the end makes up for it though. 10/10

I’m Gonne Be: I’m not sure how I feel about this song. In the beginning I feel like he’s off beat but I love the chorus. I can see myself singing this in the future. It just needs to grow on me. 7/10

Staring at the Sun feat. SZA: Aw, this song is nice. It’s a lot like the song he wrote for the Into the Spider-verse movie. I don’t know why but it gives me good vibes. SZA’s voice is beautiful and gives it a nice touch. 10/10

Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider verse): I mean, almost everyone has heard this song. It was so overplayed on the radio over the summer though. I still like it. Still gives me calm vibes. 9/10

Internet: BY FAR my favorite song. I absolutely love the meaning of it. Post Malone talks about how the world is being destroyed but the Internet distracts everyone from it. He also talks about how everyone uses the Internet to stay up to date how he “will be the last to know” when something new happens. I also love the fairy tale-vibe the music gives off. I just wish the song was longer. Still a 10/10

Goodbyes (feat. Young Thug): Almost everyone has heard this one too. I still love it. The music video is amazing too so I definitely recommend watching it. I do feel as if the song would be so much better without Young Thug but that’s just me. 9/10

Myself: It’s great. He talks about how with fame he’s all over the place and he just kind of wants to have some alone time. It’s nice. I would definitely listen to this on repeat. 10/10

I Know: It’s too slow for me. It’s just the same thing over and over again like Saint-Tropez. There’s not much to say about it. 5/10

Wow: Another song everyone has heard. If this song didn’t blow up on the radio a few months ago it would be the most popular song on the album right now. It’s good. I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. I like the muffled beat that comes in every once in a while. 8/10

There are a lot of songs I love on the album. I 100% recommend it. Post Malone does give variety with the type of music in this album so there will be something for everyone. There is a recurring theme and he shines light on the negativity of popularity which is different. If you haven’t listened to Post Malone before I would give some of the songs on this album a shot.