Repeat in the Super Bowl?


Photo by Alison Mckeough

NFC & AFC New York teams the NY Giants and the NY Jets.

Football season is now starting to reach its peak in the year. Fall is here, the Thanksgiving games are in a month, it’s an exciting time to be an NFL fan. Though, many wonder if their team will even make it to the playoffs. Here, I am going to give my predictions on how the rest of the season will play out. Let’s see what I have to offer.

First we will start in the AFC conference. My rankings are as follows (playoff team only):


  • Kansas City Chiefs (14-2)
  • New England Patriots (13-3)
  • Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
  • Houston Texans (9-7)
  • Cleveland Browns (10-6)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)


Melvin Gordon, star running back of the Los Angeles Chargers is rumored to be returning in week 4 after his protest for wanting to be traded, explaining why I have the Chargers at the 6th seed. Now, it’s playoff time!

Matchups are as followed for week 1: Los Angeles Chargers (#6) vs Baltimore Ravens (#3)

             Cleveland Browns (#5) vs Houston Texans (#4)

Both the Chiefs and Patriots get bye weeks, as they are the top 2 ranked teams in the AFC Conference. Though, with these 2 games, I believe the Ravens and the Browns will become victorious. Lamar Jackson, Quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens will be too much for the Los Angeles defense to handle. I mean, the dude is the new Michael Vick. His explosiveness, speed, athleticism, it’s identical to those of Vick’s. The Ravens will beat the Chargers 31-10.

However for the Browns, it will be a little different. Baker Mayfield is coming off a terrible rookie season, but has started to pick it up this season. With new offensive weapons including of Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, and others, it is no surprise that the offensive will do its part. 

The Cleveland defense however, that’s a different story. On paper, they look great, but they won’t exceed their expectations given before the season started. The 

Texans are a terrible playoff team though, and I expect them to choke like they usually do. DeAndre Hopkins, star Receiver for the Texans will catch 2 touchdowns and have over 100 yards receiving. Though, this won’t be enough, as the rest of the team will not contribute. The Browns win a close one, 21-17.

Match-ups for week 2:  Cleveland Browns (#5) vs Kansas City Chiefs (#1)

Baltimore Ravens (#3) vs New England Patriots (#2)

Mayfield vs Mahomes. A matchup of two great young quarterbacks. You would expect this game to be very close, but Patrick Mahomes will rip the Browns defense up, throwing for 5 touchdowns. Baker Mayfield will not play up to his potential and the Browns will get blown out. Chiefs will win this game 42-17.

As for the Ravens vs Patriots game, I have this one being a possible upset. The 

 Ravens will beat the Patriots by a close score of 17-14. Both defenses will step up against two elite quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson. Though the difference in this game is which team is willing to risk it all and put their bodies on the line. Tom Brady, who is getting to the final years of his career, will lose this battle to a young, athletic quarterback in Jackson. Ravens vs Chiefs will play each other in the AFC Championship.

The moment many have been looking for: The Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs. The winner moves on to the Super Bowl. Yet again, two young quarterbacks matchup. Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes. We’ve seen this in the Browns vs Chiefs, where Mahomes played at a fantastic level. Lamar Jackson also just beat the best quarterback to ever exist in Tom Brady. Who will win? The answer is the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes will play at his full potential again, like he did last week against the Browns. Lamar Jackson will also play a very good game. Though, the Kansas City defense will step up and help the Chiefs move onto the Super Bowl. Final score: Ravens – 20, Chiefs –  31.

Now, we must look at the NFC Conference. Here are my predicted standings for the NFC Conference (playoff teams only):


  • Seattle Seahawks (12-4)
  • Green Bay Packers (12-4)
  • New Orleans Saints (11-5)
  • Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
  • Detroit Lions (10-5-1)
  • Los Angeles Rams (10-6)


Week 1 matchups:  Los Angeles Rams (#6) vs New Orleans Saints (#3)

Detroit Lions  (#5) vs Dallas Cowboys (#4)

The Packers and Seahawks both get a bye week due to being ranked 1 and 2 in the conference. The Rams and Saints will be a very exciting matchup to watch this week. After last year’s controversy with the pass interference in the NFC Championship, there will be a highly anticipated want for this game again by fans all over the world. Last year, the Rams won a close won, thanks to that bad call made. Though, this year it will be different. Drew Brees will return from injury and play just like his 2009 Super Bowl MVP self. Alvin Kamara will also rush for 80+ yards this game, adding one touchdown to the scoreboard. The Saints will win a close game, with a score of 26-23. 

The Next matchup is between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. While playing at AT&T Stadium in Dallas is hard for opposing teams, I have the Lions defeating the Cowboys in an upset. I feel the Lions are being slept on this season, and can really perform to a high standard against other high ranked teams. The Cowboys, I also feel, are very overrated. Dak Prescott has been playing good this season, to be fair. Though, he’s not clutch and won’t perform well when playoffs come around. Ezekiel Elliot, a star running back for the Cowboys will be shut down by the Lions defense this year. The Lions defeat the Cowboys 21-20.

Week 2 matchups: New Orleans Saints (#3) vs the Green Bay Packers (#2)

Detroit Lions (#5) vs Seattle Seahawks (#1)

The first matchup of the week is between the Saints and the Packers. While the Saints are coming off a strong week against the Rams and their terrific defense, it’s time for a fall off. Not all games will a team perform at its peak, and this will be an example of that. Playing at Lambeau Field is tough for most opponents, and the Saints will be victims of this. Aaron Rodgers plays a terrific game, throwing over 300 yards.  Devante Adams, star Receiver of the Packers adds on 2 touchdowns. The Packers beat the Saints 21-13. 

The Lions play the Seahawks the next day. Yet again, I have Lions getting crushed by the Seahawks. This shouldn’t be a surprise to many, as Russell Wilson has been playing lights out so far this season. D.K Metcalf will add on 75+ yards of receiving to help out, along with Tyler Lockett. Though, Stafford will use his experience and keep the Seahawks in a close game, going into overtime. Again, I feel many are underrating the Lions this year. Watch out for them in the future. Though, the final score will be 13-10, Seahawks win. 

Week 3 (NFC Championship) matchup: The Seattle Seahawks (#1) vs the Green Bay Packers (#2)

This game is what many fans would like to see. In 2015, the Packers lost a heart break against the Seahawks in overtime, losing 28-22. Though, they will get their revenge this year. Aaron Rodgers and Jamal Williams will help the offense succeed. Star Safety, Adrian Amos will get interception to seal the game for the Packers. The Seattle defense will not play well at all, as their defense has fallen in strength over the past couple of years.

However, Wilson will keep the game close for the Seahawks, adding on 3 touchdowns. However, it won’t be just enough, as the Packers get a trip to the Super Bowl, as they go to attempt to win their 14th championship. The Packers beat the Seahawks, 35-31.

The moment we all have been waiting for, the Super Bowl!

The Matchup will be between The Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Being totally honest, this game will be boring for any fans besides Chiefs fans. Expect a blowout in this game. The Chiefs offense will be too much for the Green Bay defense to handle. Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, will play a dominant game, throwing for 4 touchdowns. His running back core, consisting of Damian Williams will add 2 more. Aaron Rodgers will play a decent game throwing for 2 touchdowns, but the rest of his team won’t help make any impact for this game. The ending score will be: Chiefs – 45, Packers – 17. 

The Kansas City Chiefs will be holding up the Lombardi Trophy this season, as Patrick Mahomes will be named Super Bowl MVP.

How do you think I did? Nailed it? Completely wrong? Let me know what you think in the comments!