Yo, It’s P.J.

The Red and Black sits down with one of its own YouTubers


Photo by Courtesy of YOITSPJ

Clip from a video you may have seen on YouTube

Recently, I got the chance to interview P.J. Osheske, the owner of YouTube channel “YoItsPJO”.

P.J., who started his channel back in 2013, has now grossed 1.25k subscribers and over 10,000 views on some of his videos, making it safe to say that he is quite popular and growing quickly.

This interview gives an insight into P.J.’s YouTube world and how it all began.

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?

“Honestly, I can’t really remember. I just remember always loving going to the movies when I was little and one day I thought ‘Hey, I can make videos too.’”

Was there a particular movie that you can remember inspiring this interest?

“I really can’t pinpoint just one, but Scott Pilgrim vs The World is definitely one of my favorites that I watched when I was younger.”

How long have you been doing YouTube?

“Well, I first made my channel with the username “Duke632” in 2013, but sophomore year is when I changed it to “YoItsPJO” and really started making videos.”

What kind of content do you like to post now?

“I mainly post short comedy skits with friends that are based off of random jokes I think of whenever I zone out.”

Do you have a personal favorite video that you’ve posted?

“Absolutely. ‘Skeleton-2’ is a scene from a bar of a conversation between two skeletons; which ultimately culminates in what I believe to be the funniest skeleton pun ever.”

Does that one have the most views on your channel?


Do you ever plan to try and make money off this? Or is it purely for hobby purposes?

“As of right now, it’s just a hobby as I’m really busy with school. But, when I have the time to focus more on making videos then I’ll definitely look to see if I can get any sponsorships as I grow.”

Could you ever see it becoming a full time job if you were given the opportunity?


What do you use to edit your videos and how did you learn to use that software?

“I started out on Windows Movie Maker when I was ten but by sophomore year I started using Adobe Premiere Pro. I learned how to edit from a mix of just using the software for a while and also the digital video class offered here at the high school.”

Would you recommend that class for someone looking to start a channel of their own?

“I would say to just start making videos as soon as possible. My first few videos I made at midnight after studying for an AP Chemistry exam. Once you start making them ideas for other videos just start flowing in, and you got yourself a YouTube channel.”