Are You Craving Watermelon Sugar?


Photo by Erin

The long anticipated new music from Harry Styles

British singer-songwriter Harry Styles released a sweet new song “Watermelon Sugar” on November 15th via Erskine Records and Columbia Records. This song is a refreshing addition to his new and upcoming album Fine Line which is set to release on December 13th of this year.

Lyrics such as “Breathe me in, breathe me out. I don’t know if I could ever go without, watermelon sugar high” eludes to something fans have not quite been able to figure out. And although the true meaning of this song has yet to be completely confirmed, some speculate it was written in a more sensual way with Harry’s nostalgia of a steamy summer relationship.

Who? You may ask… that’s what we’re yearning to find out. 

Harry has also announced his 2020 world music tour called “Love on Tour” which is set to kick off on April 15th 2020, traveling through Europe and North America. This tour, featuring his new Fine Line album, has got the 25-year-old very excited with tweets such as “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!” along with his numerous supporters tweeting about the tour as well. 

Overall, Harry Styles has kept fans on their toes and stayed true to his alt-pop/rock roots with little to no radio sensors. The more you listen to this strong song, the more you fall in love with his authentic sound.