Frozen 2 is definitely not destined to go “Into the Unknown”


Photo by Zaynib Ghanmi

“I like the new Frozen because Elsa had more powers” says 4-year-old Soumya G.

Just as winter is settling, finally Frozen 2 is here as of November 22nd. With winter beginning we can all feel Elsa, and the cold definitely bothers me. Of course with the original Frozen being so iconic, a sequel has to be out of this world…so was it? 

 First the story line was based on how family and love can conquer anything together, just as the original. Although this one focused more on the relationship between Elsa and her mother rather than Anna her sister.  

 There was more action and intensity sometimes even harsh action scenes for viewers; like my four year old sister Soumya, but when I asked her what she liked about the movie all she had to say was, “I like the new frozen because of the pretty dresses and the water horse”.  

 The scenery of the enchanted forest was impeccably animated, and the characters were just as enjoyable to watch as they were still their quirky selves while being all grown up.  Such as Kristoff pining over Ana, attempting to propose and failing more times than I can count, with his poor choice of words, are all very funny scenes.  

Now, probably the most important part of both movies the music. The original Frozen had its most memorable song as you know it, and are definitely guilty of singing, “Let it Go” sang by Idina Menzel, or as the kids like to believe, Queen Elsa. 

 So, what song from Frozen 2 is the big hit? Of course many can argue but the song I think was meant for the spotlight was “Into the Uknown” which was also sung by Idina Menzel. However, both songs sung at the climax of the story, “Show Yourself” and “The Next Right Thing” are both very powerful moments. Although for kids trying to sing along, Let it Go is more simple to grasp and the scene is so much more entertaining, I mean watching Elsa create her ice castle from just her magic I think any kid would agree.  

 At the end of the day both the original and new Frozen movie will both bring smiles and a good message to your children.