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Staying safe in crowded venues means being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Tips for Staying Safe at Concerts

February 12, 2020

I don’t know about you, but every time I open Instagram, I see at least one person who went to a concert the night before. I noticed that this February...

Caitlin and Michael Rattien took some time from their wedding day to capture pictures outside the high school in commemoration of their meeting eleven years prior as high school sweethearts.

Yes, High School Sweethearts Are Real

February 10, 2020

Some people end their high school relationships before going to college while others stay together and try long distance for some time. Those couples wh...

Are YOU Bilingual?

When the choice comes down to whether to take a foreign language or not, the census is always in overwhelming favor of learning a new language.

Abigail Yoches, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

I have been exposed to new, exciting and peculiar Hispanic cultures, languages and traditions ever since I could remember. My mom grew up to become a secondary...

We've got your holiday gift guide for every loved one this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

December 11, 2019

Twenty year veteran teacher and coach, Mr. Nuzzi is celebrating this milestone with a social media movement that celebrates his students.

Nuzzi – Celebrating Twenty Years of Teaching

December 5, 2019

  Twenty years ago Google was being founded, President Clinton was being impeached and also, Mr. Nuzzi started working in the Patchogue-Medfor...

The Next Step to a Bully-Free Platform

In the halls of PMHS to social media, bullying is becoming harder to control & manage to protect children.

Juliana Hicks, Staff Writer

November 25, 2019

This past week Instagram had taken its next step in bullying prevention, by hiding “likes” on posts so only the user can see their own and no one else’s. This...

Get your tables set to welcome friends and family this holiday season.


November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s a time to feel grateful and spend time with the ones you love.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday about giving than...

Best Treat on the Street?

Best Treat on the Street?

October 31, 2019

Halloween is one of, if not, the best holidays ever. You get to dress up in cool and scary costumes, scare people, carve pumpkins, and go around the neighbor...

What would it take to keep you from what you love most? Sofia was not about to let her medical issues stand in the way of her love for dance.

Back to the Beat

October 28, 2019

Have you ever had an injury that seemed to end your sports career before your eyes? Like hearing that you’ll be out for a season or maybe even, out for...

Clip from a video you may have seen on YouTube

Yo, It’s P.J.

October 24, 2019

Recently, I got the chance to interview P.J. Osheske, the owner of YouTube channel “YoItsPJO”. P.J., who started his channel back in 2013, has now...

Our pets can be your best friend.

How Pets Impact Our Lives

October 23, 2019

Have you ever had a really bad day at work or school and just wanted to go home and sleep for eternity? You sit in the car or on the bus and plan how to...

Come and get free ice cream because everyone loves a deal...and ice cream!

Free Ice Cream is Coming!

October 23, 2019

Do you love Ralph’s Italian ices in Patchogue? Do you love it more when it's free? Well, I have the inside scoop because I am a part time employee. This...

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