A Heartfelt Film for the Holidays

Daddy’s Home 2 Review


Photo by Samantha Visco

I felt like jumping in for a hug, too!

Action-packed. Comedic. Heart-warming. Star-studded. Movie of the Year.

These are all descriptions of the simply amazing movie I had the privilege of seeing with a free ticket (it was so good I tried paying the theater afterwards) this weekend.

You most likely already read the title of this article, but the movie is Daddy’s Home 2.

A heart-warming Christmas movie that deserves to be mentioned with the likes of It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Miracle on 34th Street, Daddy’s Home 2 is an instant-classic that touches on familial relationships (especially of the paternal nature), love, the complicated blending of families and divorce, and the importance of getting together for the holidays no matter whose daddy is whose.

Packed with stars such as Will Ferrell as the good-natured and lovable Brad and Mark Wahlberg as the former-deadbeat dad, Dusty, things seem to finally be going smoothly for them and their blended families, as mended in Daddy’s Home 1. However, the holidays and the struggle of multiple houses during Christmas for kids of divorced parents arrive, and they decide to spend it all together for their kids’ sakes. But wait, there’s more daddies.

The granddaddies come in, causing trouble during this holiday season for the families, with John Lithgow as Brad’s lovable and sweet father, and Mel Gibson as Dusty’s gruff Mel Gibson-acting dad. These personalities clash, of course, and it makes for a great comedic, action-packed, and heart-warming film. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and sing along. I promise you’ll be holding your loved ones a little tighter after because of how well it does at emphasizing the importance of family during the holiday season.

There are only four dads that I’ve mentioned, but don’t worry, an Alpha Dad appears later on in the film, as well as another new dad, that you’re just going to have to watch to see.

This holiday season, instead of waiting and being shut out of hit films like The Disaster Artist, Coco, and Star Wars, just bring your family to see Daddy’s Home 2. I don’t know why there was only six people in the theater, but hopefully this review will make all of you come to the theaters in droves and give this movie the revenue and eyes it rightfully deserves. Be the person able to say, “I saw an Academy Award-winning film” next year.