Chelsea Chimes In

Top 5 Things That Annoy Everyone at the Movies


Photo by Chelsea Goldberg

The snack of choice at movies for the bargain price of 1/4 of my paycheck.

Everyone loves to gather with their friends and go to a film they’ve been dying to see. They go to have fun and enjoy the popcorn. But there are many things that make people cringe while at the movies — it can be anything from the loud couple next to you, or the annoying little boy kicking your seat.

The first thing that is one of the most irritating things at the movies is that one person that you keep having to explain the plot to. You’re just trying to enjoy the movie, figure out any predictions about the end, and eat your candy; but there’s always that one person who asks you “if the guy likes the girl back” or “did you see what the son just said to his mom?” The point of going to the movies is to relax and enjoy the film you’ve been waiting for.

Next: the ridiculous prices. According to The Wrap, The National Alliance of Theater Owners announced that the national ticket average for 2017 rose 3.7 percent to $8.93, increasing from the year prior. What stops most people from going to the movies on a boring Friday night is the movie theater prices. Paying $11.50 for a ticket in a squeaky chair and $14.50 for a large popcorn with a large drink is what most customers would call “a rip-off”. Maybe you would rather get a small popcorn and a small drink, that would be approximately $12.00, still an amount most people do not want to pay. Are you more of a candy and drink person? That would be approximately $10.00. Although the movies are enjoyable and lots of fun, it’s overshadowed by the expenses.

The third reason the movies can be infuriating is enduring long trailers. While some people say the trailers are their favorite part, others would argue they can be dreadfully long. Eager movie fans are so excited to just see the film and nothing more but the three minute action movie trailer that has actors no one knows, can seem like the longest three minutes in the world. Ultimately, long trailers can be boring but some people might be too focused on the annoying, loud lady on her phone a few rows back.

One of the main things that bothers people the most about the movies is loud conversationalists. You’re trying to listen to the shy, quiet girl speak in Pitch Perfect but the unbelievably loud woman next to you won’t stop shouting to her friend on the phone. Most movie theaters play a quick warning clip of what NOT to do in the theater, before the film starts. One of those rules is about not talking on the phone because it’s obnoxiously rude. The fact that someone would publicly rant about their problems for the whole theater to hear while viewers are trying to put their $20.00 to use is so rude.

Lastly, a lot of people love to put their feet up on the seats while enjoying a new movie because who doesn’t, it’s comfortable right? Wrong! It may be comfortable but if someone is sitting in the seat that you are casually leaning your smelly, gross feet on then they just might get up and say something to you. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I do this too but you have to realize that on the slight chance someone is sitting in front of you, to be considerate.

Going to the movies is a time where people meet up with friends, maybe after a long week at school or a long day at work. People, so excited to see the movie they spent $15.00 on, are just looking forward to relaxing for a few hours. Definitely not loud conversationalists, expensive food and tickets, obnoxious people behind you, and long trailers.