Lady & the Tramp Review

Does the Disney+ version stand up to the original?


Photo by Matt McCabe

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With the release of Disney + in early November, there have been new exclusive movies on the streaming service, one of them being the live action adaptation of the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp. 

 The new Lady and the Tramp follows Lady (Tessa Thompson), a lovable Cocker Spaniel who faces the arrival of a new family member. After running into some trouble, Lady is lost in the wild and comes across Tramp (Justin Theroux), a Wheaten terrier-mutt who lives on the streets. Together, they travel around the city in order to get Lady back home. 

 Since this is a remake of the 1955 classic, the 2019 film has taken some creative liberties and some changes were made. One major change that is apparent is the use of live action film instead of traditional animation. While Disney have made live action remakes in the past, they have brought mixed reviews among critics and fans alike. 

 When talking about the live action remakes, Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune acknowledged that “Disney’s stockholders depend, in part, on Disney’s relentless intellectual property recycling program, and on the company dragging as many of its earlier hits into new iterations as is annually possible”. 

Ashlie D. Stevens from Salon also had this to say about The Lion King remake “This is a problem that plagued ‘The Lion King’ remake; in trying to give an old story new life through technology, creators lost some of the more poignant elements and elasticity that animated it in the first place.” 

 The live action Disney movies have gotten some backlash, but that doesn’t mean Lady and the Tramp is not good. 

Other changes to the remake are very small, mostly small details that only people who eat, sleep, and breath Disney would notice. 

Overall, the film is very enjoyable and is full of fun for the whole family. So, one of these winter nights, grab a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, snuggle up with your pets and family, and enjoy the new Lady and the Tramp.